• Basha Math Department

    Academic Integrity/Cheating

    It is important to note that academic integrity is expected from each student attending Basha High School and AMS during virtual and in-person learning. It is expected that students complete and turn in their own original work for all assignments and assessments.

    Cheating of any sort is academic dishonesty and will have direct and indirect consequences.  A direct consequence of cheating will be a score of “0” on that assignment for any student involved and may result in a referral to your administrator.  Indirectly, cheating will hinder a student’s success on subsequent assignments and in future math courses. 

    Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

    • Sending a picture of your completed work to another student
    • Submitting somebody else’s work as your own
    • Sharing problems and/or answers on an assessment with another student who has yet to take the same assessment
    • Preprogramming a calculator to contain answers or other unauthorized information for assessments
    • Taking an assessment for another person or having someone take an assessment for you
    • Using unauthorized material, prepared answers, written notes, or concealed information during an assessment

    Students may help each other with homework; however, it is academic dishonesty for one student to completely do the work for another student.  All assignments must be submitted in the student’s own handwriting.


     Academic Integrity Document