• Accelerated Middle School

     AMS at Basha High

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is AMS information night?
    Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 6pm
    What are the Upcoming Enrollment Testing Dates?

    Enrollment for the 2019/2020 school year has closed.  More information about enrollment for the 2020/2021 scool year will be available in September or October 2019. 
    Is busing provided to A.M.S.?

    Busing is provided to and from some of our elementary schools around the district.

    Will A.M.S. provide extra-curricular activities (e.g. sports?)
    We do not offer sports. Currently AMS has the opportunity to join a wide variety of clubs on campus.  For a full list, please click here.
    How do I register for A.M.S.?
    Informational meetings will be held throughout the year at Basha High School. Specific meeting dates are to be determined.
    Where will my child’s classes be held?

    Students enrolled in AMS will have classes all over our campus giving them access to high school level labs and facilities. The majority of our 6th grade classes are housed in the H-building on the north end of our campus away from other high schoolers. 

    What is the Vision of Accelerated Middle School (A.M.S.)?

    AMS offers middle school students the opportunity to become academically accomplished, confident and well-rounded individuals by…
    · Participating in an accelerated, rigorous curriculum focused on developing foundational knowledge and analytical reasoning skill.
    · Developing conscientious, respectful and accomplished young men and women through leadership experiences within and outside of the school community.

    What makes A.M.S. different from other junior high schools?

    Given that AMS is housed at the Basha High School campus, students attending AMS have the opportunity to utilize the instructional expertise and resources of a comprehensive high school. This offers students a unique opportunity to preview and participate in academic activities and experiences that will prepare them for success in high school and beyond.

    What will my child learn at A.M.S.? 

    The AMS curriculum is aligned to state and national standards and designed to provide students essential college readiness skills in mathematics, reading, writing and science. The following core curriculum options are available to 6-8 students. *Course placement may be determined by current skills and proficiency levels.


    · Honors Pre-Algebra

    · Algebra I

    · Honors Geometry

    · Honors Algebra II


    · Pre-AP Life Science

    ~includes Biotechnology and Sustainability projects.

    · Investigative Science

    ~ includes Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering projects

    · Honors Biology

    ~includes honors science research project


    · Pre-AP English 6

    · Pre-AP English 7

    · Pre-AP English 8

    Social Science

    · Pre-AP World History

    · Pre-AP European History

    · Pre-AP US History and Geography

    World Languages

    Recognizing that second language proficiency is increasingly in demand, AMS offers two language options for students.

    · Mandarin Chinese

    · Spanish

    Fine Arts

    Participation in fine arts programs offers students the opportunity to become a part of a group and further develop interests, skills and talents that will assist them later in life. AMS offers students the opportunity to participate in the following fine arts programs.

    · Orchestra

    · Band

    · Choir

    Additional Curriculum

    In addition to traditional classes, AMS will offer the following exploratory classes by quarter to 6-8 students throughout the year.

    Art, Engineering, Speech and Debate, Multimedia, Leadership Development, Academic prep, and Digital Photography


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