• AP Biology!
    Welcome to AP Biology!
    AP Biology is a college level Biology course designed to introduce students to the study of life. It is a rigorous course involving a lot of work in the laboratory. Students are expected to take the AP Biology exam at the conclusion of the course and to have fun on the journey getting there!
    In the links below you will find information regarding the AP Biology Catalina Island field trip.
    Planbook is an online lesson planner that acts as a calendar with the ability to link files/videos/etc. Access it by following the link.
    Google Calendar and Drive
    If you prefer a Google calendar, you can navigate to that in the menu to the left and link your account. I also keep all of my files in a Google Drive that is accessible by following the hyperlink. Both of these are available through Planbook.
    YouTube (Screencast and Livestream) Playlists:
    To join send a text to 81010 or (623) 552-2413 with the message @mrdavitt
    Occasionally, I will stream before a lab or exam in order to help students (or when I need a way to draw in order to answer a question outside of school hours). I use YouTube to display my drawing program and Discord as a chatroom (general Discord instructions are below).
    Things to do after you download Discord:
    • Create an account so you can save the server. You need a verified email to join.
    • Join the server. (https://discord.gg/X68qafW) If you're not on mobile, right click the server and select "change nickname." Change your nickname to your actual name so I know who you are. If you are on mobile, message me and I can do this for you since it will probably be easier.
    • Get familiar with the mute button (it's the one that looks like a microphone). Please keep yourself muted when you're not interacting/talking or all of your background noise will create annoying audio feedback. It's just easier with a lot of people in one voice channel.
    Helpful Links and Files:
    AP Exam Review:

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