• Arlie Hunt

    2021-2022 Schedule
    Zero Hour - AP United States History (APUSH)
    1st - AP United States History (APUSH)
    2nd - AP United States History (APUSH)
    4th - AP Human Geography
    5th - AP Human Geography 
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    Arlie Hunt, M. Ed.
      Mr. Hunt
    Mr. Hunt standing in front of the actual Rosetta Stone!

    I am passionate about history & geography and I love working with
    students and helping them to catch the passion!
    My goal is to get students to think. Specifically I want them to think
    like a historian. This means reading critically, questioning sources,
    making a decision based on the evidence, and effectively
    communicating that conclusion. I am convinced that thinking skills
    are more important than having students memorize facts that can
    be found instantaneously on their smartphones.
    Education - I received a Bachelor of Arts with a dual-major in History
    and Geography from the University of Arizona. I received my Secondary
    Certification from the University of Phoenix from which I also received
    a Masters of Arts in Education Administration.
    Teaching Experience - This is my twenty-fourth year as a teacher. All my
    teaching has been in the Chandler Unified School District. The first twelve
    years were spent at Andersen Junior High School. (God bless the Junior
    High Teachers!)
    Family - I have managed to stay married to the same amazing woman
    for 31 years. She is a speech-pathologist. We have two
    Shi-Poos (Shih-tzu, Poodle mix), Finn and Marshall. They are the sweetest
    boys. They hate it when school starts because they get used to spending
    all their time with me.
    Connie  The Boys
    Summer Highlights 
    Summer of 2021 aka AVOIDING THE HEAT
    Hiking in San Pedro Parks Wilderness, NM
     San Pedro Parks Wilderness
    Two friends and I spent a 5 days and 4 nights in the San Pedro Parks
    Wilderness in New Mexico backpacking and camping. It was lovely! The
    highs during the days were 68 and the lows were 35 at night. In New
    Mexico, they call meadows, parks. We hiked from meadow to meadow along
    meandering streams. It is such a beautiful area. Pines, aspens, and flower
    covered meadows. It is a wonderful place to be as Valley temperatures
    reach into 100 and death degrees.
    Brother's Visit
    My brother, his wife, and my nephew came to visit as soon as I got
    back from New Mexico. They came for a short visit (and the requisit)
    game of Dungeons and Dragons. We drove around and looked at
    all of the old sights and talked about how things have changed.
    Chandler is where my brother and I grew up. Then my brother and
    his family drove to the Grand Canyon. 
    TV, Air Conditioning, and Avoiding Work
    I spent about three weeks hanging out with my TV, my dogs, and 
    the air conditioning in my house. There are always projects to be
    accomplished over summer break. I did as few of these as possible
    and enjoyed a lot of binge watching Hulu in the coolness of my 
    4th of July in Colorado Springs
    Mt. Herman
    My wife and I drove to Colorado Springs on the 4th of July. We 
    watched the fireworks from our car. I was kind of cool. It looked like
    the whole city of Pueblo was exploding. We then spent a week with
    our family, relaxing and hanging out. My nephew Aaron and I went
    for a beautiful day hike to Mr. Herman (which is just about 30
    minutes outside of Colorado Springs). It was cool up on the
    mountain amongst the pines. The views from the mountain were
    gorgeous and I got to see the state flower of Colorado for the first
    time. It is called the Columbine. It is so pretty with a two tone flower.
    On our way down the mountain we drove through the Garden of the
    Gods. This is big tourist attraction of red rock formations similar
    to Sedona.
    Garden of the Gods