AP Physics C - Mechanics

    This class is a college-level calculus-based class that is to prepare the student to pass the Advanced Placement (AP) exam.
    This class will cover basics calculus and applying it to introductory Mechanics-Newton"s law, Conservation of Energy, Gravitation, Conservation of Momentum, Rotational motion, Solid-body rotation, Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM), and mechanical waves.  After the AP exam additional topic are covered.
    The class can be taken for Dual Enrollment from the Community College.
    Click here for the Syllabus.
    Should I take the AP exam, Dual enrollment, or both? 
               The AP exam is a single test that is accepted for credit in most of the universities in the US (cost about $90).  Dual enrollment is for the year class (it counts as a single semester class) that is accepted for credit in all AZ universities and some other universities (cost about $180).  Both are much cheaper than the cost at a university. 
    A one day field trip has historically been taken in the third quarter to Castles "n Coasters at Metrocenter.  The students take measurements and do calculations to see the reallife applications of Physics.  Here are some pictures from previous trips.
     The homework will be assigned mainly from the text - University Physics by Young and Freedman (11th edition).  The assignments and rough schedule for 2012-2013 is-
    Quarter 3 - 2012 3rd quarter
    Quarter 4 - 2012 4th quarter
    After the AP exam in early May, we then begin looking at some of the aspects of modern Physics-relativity, quantum Physics, Black holes, and other topics chosen by the students.

     Review materials can be found at the AP B Study Review page link on the side.