• Curtis Collins


    Pre Calculus
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    Students will be able to log in by visiting the G Suite hub and using these credentials:

    • UsernameSID#@gse.cusd80.com (this is exactly the same as their regular CUSD address but changing "s." to "gse." in the domain)
    • Password: s + ID# + !


    For example, a student with an ID# of 123456 would have a username of S123456@gse.cusd80.com and a password of s123456! (case sensitive).


    Weekly Calendar:   
    Overview of PC class for next two weeks:
    18-Jan 19/20 Jan 21/22 Jan
      New Seating Chart   RGD HW  
    No School 4.1 Notes: Right Triangle Trigonometry 4.2 Notes: Angles and Angle Measures
    MLK Day        
      HW: 4.1 WS   HW: 4.2 WS  


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