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    For now here's an article written by one of the editors on Basha's perfoming arts:


    Creativity captures the heart of students at Basha

       by Kiersten Dugan ‘20, co editor-in-chief

     Walking into the performing arts building is like walking into a shrine dedicated to creativity and innovation. The flow of emotion and creative vision is inescapable.

     “There's no way of describing our feelings and things that cannot be explained with words, but art does that,” said sophomore Siane Francois, an actress, singer, and filmmaker.

     Every possible emotion can be conveyed through various forms of art. Art stimulates the brain and is an enjoyable stress-reliever for all ages. These are a few reasons why art programs exist in our schools and why we should all pay attention to them a little more closely.    
    “Music definitely calms me down because I get stressed out about school but then I go to band and none of that matters anymore,” said junior Karen Siller, a percussionist in band. She continues, “Music brings a creative outlet to Basha for people that aren’t into academics or sports.”  Siller appreciates and values the arts so much that she plans on making it her career.

     The arts program is for motivated and ambitious students who have the grit to be constantly learning new techniques and technologies. Reading sheet music is like reading another language and it’s done while simultaneously playing an instrument. Acting and improvisation requires you to become a completely different person and play that part in front of an audience. Photography and filmmaking technology changes every year and there’s always something to learn about editing or graphic design software. These students produce and learn a lot and deserve all the recognition and praise.

     The arts play an important role not just in Basha but in our society as well; they act as a connective force between us all. ”We’d lose ourselves as a society [without the arts program] and wouldn't be able to connect with each other on a deeper level as we do now,” said Francois.

    The significance of the arts program goes beyond just Basha High School - art is in every aspect of our lives and should be appreciated as such.