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    Course Syllabus 


    Book Suggestions for Independent Reading


     AP Literature Beginning of the Year Survey 

    AP Literature Technology Survey


    AP Literature Interactive Notebook Set Up 2021-2022

    Section 1- 10 pages: Knowledge Overview- Learning goals and unit objectives, warm ups and closure reflections etc...

    Section 2- 2 pages: Data Charts

    Section 3- 10 pages: Poetry

    Section 4- 10 pages: Short Fiction

    Section 5- 10 pages: Literary Argument

    Section 6- 10 pages (ish): Novel Notes

    Everything that may be left- Appendix of handouts, vocabulary terms, literary terms

    • Please flag or tab each section and clearly LABEL them at the top of the first page.
    • I will be doing notebook checks throughout the course of the year, and I want to be able to find what I am looking for easily.
    • If you purchased a 70-page notebook, you should be covered
    • If you have a composition book, you may need to add pages in your sections since they are shorter in length
    • If you don’t write on the backside of pages, or you write in looping or large handwriting, take that into account when designating page lengths.


    ALL LENGTHS are APPROXIMATE- don’t sweat the precision as long as you organize the notebook and create and label the sections in the correct order. 


    Harry Potter Week

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