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     A Tax Credit Participation Fee is required for ALL players to participate each year. For Boys Soccer, the fee is $60.00. These funds are used to purchase equipment, uniforms and pay coaches for this sports program only.

    Arizona law ARS 43-1089.01 enables taxpayers a tax credit contribution of up to $400.00 per calendar year if filing status is Married Filing Jointly; and, $200.00 per calendar year if filing status is Married Filing Separately, Single or Head of Household.

    Please Note: A tax credit is a full refund, not a deduction.

    For more information, please use this link to get to the CUSD Tax Credit Page

    FEE PAYMENT DUE BY: TBD by coaching staff

    To donate online:

    • Click on Parent Portal located on the top right side above.
    • Choose Login to Parent/Student Portal and then login or create your account.
    • Once logged in to Infinite Campus, click on More on the bottom left side.
    • Click on the InTouch Fee Payments and choose your player’s name.
    • Then choose Items at Students School then Participation Fees then Athletics and then ECA Fee Boys Soccer.
    • Click BUY and make your payment.

    Please provide a copy of your Tax Credit Participation Fee receipt to Coach Kaakoush at practice.


    If you are not paying online, please visit the Basha Bookstore to make the payment by check, debit or credit card.


    Thank you for supporting the Basha Boys' Soccer Program!