As an AP Level, we strongly suggest that AP students take a four year approach to the Social Studies in order to be fully prepared for each class.  Our department gives 50% of the AP Tests at Basha High School and strives for excellence in preparing our students for AP curriculum and tests. In the 2018-2019 school year, our department surpassed the national and state average in most areas of the AP tests. 
    Please contact the teachers of each subject for more information..  
    Core AP Path: 
    Freshman: AP World History (Mr. Charles JohnsonMs. Allison Reynolds)
    Sophomore: AP Human Geography (Mr. Arlie Hunt)
    Junior: AP US History ( Mr. Christopher Evans,  Mrs. Beth Bonewell )
    Senior: AP Macroeconomics (Mr. Christopher Evans) and AP Government and Politics (Ms. Elizabeth Schley)
    AP Psychology (Ms. Allison Reynolds)


    The expectation of students taking an AP course is that they are working towards taking the Advanced Placement exam at the end of the school year in May.  In preparation for that exam, we strongly suggest that students secure an Albert.IO license which will be available for purchase within the first five weeks of school.  We have used this online program over the past few years and students who have used the program have overwhelmingly been more prepared for their exams.  Additionally, the program provides diagnostics for teachers to assess the student progress on a continuous basis which allows for more directed feedback and additional help when necessary.  This is something that the entire AP Social Studies team supports, as we firmly believe this creates the best outcomes for all of our students.