• PJHS Attendance Line: 480-224-2403

    Regular attendance and prompt arrival at school are vital to the educational success of your child.

    Please contact the Attendance Line (voicemail) open 24/7, to report a student's absence.

    Please leave the following information:

    • Student's first and last name
    • Student's school ID number
    • Date of absence(s)
    • Reason for absence
    • Your name and relationship to the student
    • Your telephone number

    Below we have outlined our policies designed for the safety of our staff and students.
    Please feel free to call with any additional questions or concerns.

    Sign Out Policy:

    A parent/guardian must sign student(s) out in the front office and show picture ID in order for us to release a student.  Anyone other than the parent/guardian picking up student must be listed on the emergency information.  Students will not be called out of class until parent/guardian has signed student out with proper identification. If you need to check out your student during lunch, please be aware that we cannot call students in the cafeteria.  You will have to sign in and try to locate them in the lunch areas.

    Bussing with another student: 

    If your child would like to ride the bus home with a friend, we must have a signed note or email to Mary Werlinger in our front office. We will need your child's name, the first and last name of the student they will be riding the bus home with, the date, and a parent/guardian authorization/signature. The front office will then provide a bus pass to your child.

    Mobile App Directions:
    In order for a student to be excused from class when he/she is late to school, a parent/guardian must check the student in at the front desk to be signed in. A note from a doctor’s office, dentist office, or court system will also excuse a student in lieu of a parent calling. An unexcused reason for a tardy will result in an unexcused pass to class. 


    If the student misses any portion of a period they will marked as: Tardy, Leave Early, or Absent. Generally, if a student misses two periods, they will be marked as absent half a day. If a student misses three or more periods, they will be marked as absent a full day. 

    *After three consecutive absences, you will be asked to provide a doctor’s note.


    Homework Requests:

    It is the responsibility of the student to make up all missed assignments after an absence from school. If a student is unable to attend school and seek their assignments, they should contact one of their classmates for that information, not the school office. The following guidelines have been established for such work.

    1. For each day missed, the student has an equal number of days to make up work. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade or no credit.

    2. In cases involving an extended illness of more than three days, parents should arrange with the school to have work picked up for the student. Work must be requested 24 hours in advance of pick-up. Students that have missed three or more days of school can request homework by contacting teachers via email. Teacher pages and contact information.

    Chronic Absenteeism
    Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute - ARS 15-802/15-803, students who exceed an absentee rate of 10% are considered truant, even if the absences are excused. A student who accrues 10 or more absences – even though they may be excused – will result in notification to the district truancy officer who may require that all future absences be validated by a doctor’s excuse.

    Withdrawal from School
    If it becomes necessary for you to withdraw your student from school during the school term ,you should notify our Registrar two days in advance to prepare transfer records. You will be given a withdrawal sheet to take to each teacher for proper clearance.  Parents may come to school and make the withdrawal at any time. Having the forwarding address of the new school is very helpful. All school-issued books and materials must be turned in prior to withdrawal.     


    If you have any questions, please contact our Attendance Tech,
    Mary Werlinger at 480-224-2400 or email



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