• Welcome to Economics.  This class is required for graduation by the state of Arizona.  If you show up to class and pay attention, and you do your work, you should pass this class without a problem. The objective of this course will not only be to teach students about the basics of economics but also to explore the complexities of economic theory and the practical applications that economics has in everyday life.  You can expect this course to be rigorous.  As seniors, a large amount of responsibility is placed upon you for your learning.  You can expect to have assigned readings and note-taking most nights and a unit exam roughly every three weeks, and the occasional quiz thrown in for good measure. If you don’t keep up with reading and notes you are likely to struggle.  I love economics, I love teaching, and I look forward to a great semester.


    For the course calender, PowerPoints and other helpful resources they can be found on Google Classroom!

    Students have recieved access codes in class

    If parents would like to get updates about assignments on Google Classroom via email please email me and I will add you to the list!


    I am ready for a GREAT YEAR!!!