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    Argument Notes 12-12.13



    2nd Quarter, 2018

    Calendar - November 26 - 30

    Calendar - November 12-16 

    Calendar - November 5-9

    Calendar - October 29-November 2

    Calendar - October 22-26

    The Seventh Man full text (Wednesday-Friday)



    Calendar - October 17-19, 2018

     Wednesday, October 17, 2018

    Questions for "dangerous Cave Rescue"

    Audio - Dangerous Cave rescue


    Thursday, October 18, 2018

    "The Cost of Survival"  - Read and annotate. 


    Friday, October 19, 2018 - National Day of Writing. In class writing activities. 

    Unless otherwise specified, all homework is due the day after it has been assigned.


    Monday, September 17

                Due –Rough Draft - narrative

                Personal revision practice and work - work stations for writing

                Homework – Revise draft and bring copy to class.


    Tuesday, September 18

                Due – Draft

                Warm and Cool Feedback

                Homework – Final draft of personal narrative on identity. Due Wednesday/Thursday in class. Due Thursday night to Turnitin.com by 11:59 pm.


    Wednesday/Thursday Block Days, September 19-20

                Due – Essays

                Goal: Students will read closely to analyze how complex characters (e.g., those with multiple or conflicting motivations) develop over the course of a text, interact

                            with other characters, and advance the plot or develop the theme.

               In class – Notes on character

              Read – “The Rules of the Game,” by Amy Tan

              Review of summary writing

              Homework – Questions and character summary. Rules of the Game Questions


    Friday, September 21

                Due – Personal Narrative on Identity!

                Due -  Questions from "Rules of the Game" 

                Discuss “The Rules of the Game”

               Assessment on "Rules of the Game" 


    Week 8

    Monday, September 10, 2018

                    To Turn In – Prewriting work

                    Warm Up – Quickwrite “I’m From”

                    Summary of 3 options

                    Begin Writing – Choose a focus for your narrative that illustrates an example of your identity

                    Map Out Your Story/Drafting


    Tuesday, September 11, 2018

                    Due –Story Map

                    Drafting Day – LAB

                    Office 365 Set Up

                                    Login – www.cusd80.com/office365

                                    User name s+ student ID#@s.cusd80.com

                                    Password – Your password or S123456! If not logged in yet


                                    Create account (use Microsoft Office email – s+studentid@s.cusd80.com)

                                    Password – gobhsbears2

    Homework – Work on Rough Draft/Type to bring Friday. 


    Wednesday, September 12-13, 2018 (Block Days)

                    To Turn In – Nothing

                    Diction Practice

                    Read  "Hold The Mayonnaise" Story and answer questions. 

                    Homework – Write, type, print rough draft.


    Friday, September 14, 2018 (Homecoming)

                    Due – Rough draft

                    Peer feedback 

                    Modeled ARMS strategy - ARMS Strategy and Goal

                        Purpose of Essay

                    Homework – Continue working on draft – bring printed copy Monday!!!


    Week 7: September 3-7, 2018

    Monday, September 3 - No School

    Tuedsay, September 4, 2018 - Prep for Socratic

    Block (Wednesday/Thursday), September 5& 6, 2018

          Socratic Circle QFT Questions on Identity

    •      Review rubric/grading

    •      Set goals

    •      Pair Up

    •      Inside/outside/Reflect


    Friday, September 7, 2018

    • Writer's Notebook - Free choice friday BUT every sentence that you write, challenge yourself to write each sentence with ONLY 5 words. 
    • Class - Review Narrative Non-fiction Essay Essay Overview
    • Homework - Prewriting work  Essay Prewriting Handout - DUE MONDAY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE CLASS!



    Week 6 - August 27-31, 2018


    Monday, August 27, 2018

                    Due – nothing

                    Basha Gives Back Video

                    Diction practice – Holes/Perfect Words

                    Video on Angel Island - Discovering Angel Island - The Story Behind the Poems

                    Class – Read “The Writing on the Wall,” pg 79-83

                   Assignment/HomeworkQuestions for "The Writing on the Wall" :  1. Who was sent to Angel Island and under what circumstances? 2. Why were the poems                                      inscribed on the walls at Angel Island so hard to see? 3. According to the writer, how will preservation of the Angel Island Detention Center poetry benefit                              her as a poet?


    Tuesday, August 28, 2018

                    Due – Questions

                     Writer’s notebook: If you had to move to a different country with a completely different language and culture, how would you go about adapting to your new home?

                     Discuss "The Writing on the Wall" 

                    Homeowrk: Analyze Craft and Structure Handout Writing on the Wall Handout               


    Wednesday, August 29/30, 2018 (Block Days)

                    Due – Worksheet

                    Writer’s Notebook – Brainstorm list of items/concepts related to you that start with the letter D.

                                                    Choose 1 and write about it.

                    “Alabanza,” by Martin Espada

                    QFT process

                    Socratic Discussion prep

                    Homework: Prep for discussion - review texts, bring questions


    Friday, August 31, 2018

                    Due – Discussion prep

                    Socratic Discussion


    Homework: None





    Week 5, August 20-24, 2018

    Monday, August 20, 2018

                  Due – nothing

                  Basha Gives Back Video – The Sneaker Saint”

    Writer’s Notebook: Write about how one experience has helped to define you.

                  Notes about story – vocabulary, background of Puerto Rico

    Online textbook codes

    Read “American History,” by Judith Ortiz Coffer

    Assignment/HomeworkPrefix Project Poster Due,

         First Read  “American History”


    Tuesday, August 21, 2018

     Due – Prefix Project


    Test corrections in class for "Quilt of a Country." Correct wrong andswers by indicating the correct answer and explaining WHY it is the correct answer. Must have both parts. 1/2 point will be awarded back on the grade for every right answer and explanation.            

    Homework:Read "American History" 


    Wednesday, August 22/23, 2018 (Block Days)

                  Due – nothing

                  Writer’s Notebook – Brainstorm list of items/concepts related to you that start with the letter C. Choose 1 and write about it.

                  Introduction notes on Voice - Notes

                 "American History" - Comprehension questions, Craft and Structure, Story Map (in class) 

                  Homework: Story Map for "American History" Notes on Plot Map


    Friday, August 24, 2018

                  Due – Story Map for "American History" 


                  Assignment - Write a new ending to the story "American History" 

    Homework: None 


    Week 4, August 13-17, 2018

    Monday, August 13, 2018

    Due – Circle Map Reflection, GOGOMO, notes on “Music for My Mother”

    New Seating Chart

    Basha Gives Back - Monday spark Pay it Forward

    Writer’s Notebook: Top 10 favorite conversation topics. Choose 1 and write a dialog between you and one other person about the topic.

    (Notes on examining writing/strengthening writing    Examining Writing  ) - TABLED! 

    Review Vocabulary Strategy Notes - Vocab Strategy NOTES     

    Reading focus: “A Quilt of a Country”

    Assignment/Homework – first read response for “A Quilt of a Country”

    **Picture day is tomorrow!

    *Don’t forget to sign up for Turnitin.com if you have not done so. We will start using it soon.  


    Tuesday, August 14, 2018

    Due –First Read for “A Quilt of a Country”

    Writer’s notebook: M of songs for a particulaake a playlistr situation (getting ready to play a sport, before a big test, perfect day at the beach, when you are feeling blue, etc.). Explain the purpose of the playlist and then list the songs and artists.

    Discuss “A Quilt of a Country”

    Picture Day

    Homework: Comprehension questions


    Wednesday, August 15/16, 2018 (Block Days)

    Due – Comprehension Questions

    Writer’s Notebook – Brainstorm list of items/concepts related to you that start with the letter B. Choose 1 and write about it.


    1. Prefix Project directions               3. Analyze the text
    2. Discussion                                  4. Vocabulary for story

    Whole group check in


    Friday, August 17, 2018

    Due – 

    Writer’s notebook – Your choice. Write about whatever is on your mind, or if you need some inspiration, use the spark word – “escape.”

    Review “A Quilt for a Country”

    Assessment – “A Quilt of a Country”

    Homework: Work on Prefix Project


    Week 3, August 6-10, 2018

     Monday, August 6, 2018

                  Library Orientation

                  Library Webquest

     Tuesday, August 7, 2018

                  Due – Nothing

                Writer’s notebook: Your spark word for today is “virus.” You can choose to write a story, a letter, a poem, an explanation, a definition, compare it to                       something.

                  Demonstrate set up for Vocab Prefix Project

                        *Helpful websites - Collins DictionaryMembean - root/prefix help

                  Unit 1 Essential Question – What does it mean to be American?

                  Define – Identity

                  Discuss elements of fiction, narrative, non-fiction – match the 2 “narrative non-fiction” Notes

                  Homework: Read and annotate “"Music for My Mother"

                                         Work on your vocabulary projects

     Wednesday, August 8/9, 2018 (Block Days)

                  Due – Annotations

                  Writer’s Notebook – Brainstorm list of items/concepts related to you that start with the letter A. Choose 1 and write about it.

                  Computer access set up

                                 CUSD email

                                 Turnitin.com accounts

                                 Discuss “Music for My Mother”

     Friday, August 10, 2018 (Revised - 8/9/18)

                  Due – Vocabulary/Prefix work

                  Writer’s notebook – Your choice. Write about whatever is on your mind, or if you need some  inspiration, use the spark word – “sunset.”

                   Review "Music for My Mother"

                  Homework: Circle Map/GOGOMO/Notes on "Music for My Mother" Due Monday. 




    July 23 - 27

    July 23 - 

        * Welcome PPT/class overviewWelcome

        * Freshman Syllabus

    July 24

       *Creating Class community - "Get to Know You" survey

       *Homework: Complete the responses for the prompts at the end of the survey. Due Wednesday, July 25, 2018

    July 25

       *Writing diagnostic (in class)

    July 26

         * Continue writing diagnostic

    July 27

       * Composition Notebooks due!

       * All signed papers due (syllabus, National Board Release form)

       * Finish writing diagnostic


    JULY 30 - AUGUST 3

    Monday, July 30 : Writer's notebook - Top 10 people I would trade places with. 

                              DUE: WRITING DIAGNOSTIC!

                              Beginning of the year reading assessment. 

    Tuesday - July 31: Writer's Notebook: Top 10 concerns about the future. 

                               Finish reading diagnostic. 

    Wednesday, August 1: Writer's Notebook - 10 things I am most tired of

                               Finish reading diagnostic. 

                               If students are finished - Choice Board - Choose 1

                                         *Article for Choose 1

    Thursday, August 2: Writer's Notebook - 10 adjectives to describe yourself

                               In class: Review Reading Diagnostic

                               Homework: Annotate "Why a Substantial Vocabulary is Important" Vocab Article Here

      Friday, August 3: Writer's Notebook - Your choice. 

                             In class: Discuss why vocabular is important. 

                             Assign prefix to research. 

                             Assignment: 1st quarter prefix project DUE AUGUST 17TH!!!! Prefix Word Study Handout