• Photo Supplies
    Our Photography lab fee is $30 per semester and will cover all materials for semester assignments which includes photo paper, film and processing chemicals. 
    Extra Supplies
    Students who want to buy extra supplies (film,photo paper) for personal projects or to build your portfolio (AP/Advanced Encouraged!)-use these resources:
    Tempe Camera - Local Business with great supplies and Expertise:
    Freestyle Photo Online:
    Ultrafine Online:
    It is HIGHLY reccommended that you purchase a 35mm manual/auto film camera.  These cameras are inexpensive (used) and can be readily found on ebay or at Tempe Camera.  New cameras are moderate to high priced.
         - If buying from ebay, make sure the seller has a good rating and a return 
         - I do not reccommend pawn shops.
         - Beginning students may share cameras, Advanced/AP students should
           have their own. 
         - Basha does not provide cameras. 
         - Students are responsible for the safety of their cameras.