Basha High School           Lab Fee
    Fine Arts Department                           $30 per Semester
    Beginning Photography
    Mr. Garcia, Room D-100
    Phone: (480) 224-2100 x2190
    E-mail: garcia.michael@cusd80.com

    Course Description: This is a hands on Art class. We will use traditional (film) Photography asour Art medium. This course is designed
    to provide the student with basic information and skills necessary to operate a 35mm camera, do basic black and white film processing and black and white printing. The student will be given an opportunity to enhance their awareness of the elements and principals of design
    to complete the black and white printing process from camera to final photo presentation.

    Goals and Objectives: The student will be able to: 1. Understand the controls and operate effectively a 35mm single lens reflex camera.
    2. Develop correctly a roll of 35mm black and white film. 3. Operate a Photographic Enlarger to get a perfect black and white print. 4. Be able to successfully complete a Photographic assignment from start to finish.

    Minimal Competencies: 1. Demonstrate the ability to read the general and technical vocabulary. 2. Comprehend assigned written materials. 3. Follow written instructions. 4. Use reference aids (books, magazines, newspapers, Internet). 5. Demonstrate ability to take useful notes from oral presentations. (Cornell notes) 6. Summarize printed materials (magazine and textbook articles) 7. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the 35mm single lens reflex camera. 8. Process black and white film by following procedure demonstrated in class. 9.Demonstrate knowledge of the care and handling of photographic materials and equipment (Cameras, film, paper,chemicals, and timers). 10. Demonstrate the ability to complete the Photographic cycle by submitting final prints for evaluation.

    Major Activities: 1.
    Make a Photogram. 2. Make a box type Camera. 3. Take pictures with a box camera. 4. Learn the parts and how to operate a 35mm Single Lens Reflex Camera. 5. Complete a series of Photographic assignments designed to acquaint him/her with the capabilities of a 35mm Camera. 6. Use standard techniques to develop black and white 35mm film. 7. Use standard procedures to enlarge the negative and make a finished print. 8. Critique Photographs. 9. Safety Procedures. 10. End of term cleaning assignment.

    Assessment Criteria: 1. Assignments completed satisfactorily and on time. Make-up work accepted for excused absences only. 2. Test and Quizzes. 3. Attendance, and in class daily participation- see below.

    Attendance/Participation Points: This is a hands on class and students are expected to have something to do at all time. Students start each term with 5 participation points for each day in the quarter, Non-participation will result in loss of points for that day. Non- participation
    refers to unexcused absences, students who fail to stay on task, are disruptive or fail to follow a reasonable request. STUDENTS
    MAY BE DROPPED AFTER THE 9TH ABSENCE. (Referral made after 5th absence.)

    Grading Procedures:
    Grades in class are to inform each student of his or her progress and to encourage and promote quality work. A point system is used. Photography projects will be assigned a point value anywhere from 10 to 100 points depending on the project and at the
    instructors discretion. All assignments must be turned in, in a timely manner, to receive full credit. Unexcused late work will not be accepted.

    Grading Scale: 100 - 90% =A, 89 - 80% =B, 79 - 70% =C, 69 - 60% =D

    Parents can access their child’s grades and assignments by going to the school’s website. Student information is only accessible by
    using an individualized password, contact the office for the password.

    Tardy Policy: Tardy students will serve an after school detention with Mr. Garcia. After 4 tardies a referral is made.

    Semester Grade: Calculated as follows: 9 week grade (40%) +9 week grade (40%) + Semester Exam (20%) =Semester Grade (100%)