Member Requirements

    Current members of National Honor Society:
    • Must maintain a minimum 3.8 weighted GPA
    • Must complete 30 hour of community service yearly of which 15 hours are NHS sponsored
    • Must maintain attendance at required meetings
    • Should demonstrate leadership in all areas of school
    • Must maintain standards of good character (no suspensions or behavioral issues)
    • Should participate in club fundraising opportunities
      Must help to recruit blood donors for our yearly drives (Two donors per year)
      Must pay $20 annual activity fee - new inductees will pay for the following year.  (ex:  students inducted in May, 2017 will pay the $20 activity fee in July, 2017.)
    Service Hour Requirements:
    15 hours should be completed through NHS-sponsored activities. Activities that count include anything announced through NHS meetings, from being a part of a member's senior project to participating in tutoring.
    15 additional hours can be completed through NHS, or on a student's own. Activities may include volunteering at a nursing home, neighborhood or church service projects (that benefit the community), Eagle or Flower Girl projects.
    The first 15 service hours are due in second quarter prior to winter break. The second 15 hours are due for underclassmen two weeks prior to school ending.  For seniors, hours are due on April 1st so graduation programs can be printed with the correct information and stoles can be ordered.
    Attendance Requirements:
    We have meetings every time we are in school for the 2nd or 4th week of the month. These meetings take place during conference. The purpose of the meetings is to inform our membership of upcoming service opportunities, club activities like the Homecoming Carnival and Smiles of Christmas, and to promote leadership, friendship, scholarship, and honor.
    If absent or if there is a conflict, you must fill at an excused absence form. These will submitted to the club secretary. Failure to do so may result in removal from the organization.  Excused Absence Form
    Each member is only allowed 2 absences a year from meetings, barring extenuating circumstances.
    Payment of Dues
    These pay for our National Membership fee, club banquet and induction, and additional membership needs and benefits. 
    If inducted as a sophomore, you will pay dues at the beginning of junior year.
    If inducted as a junior, you will pay dues at the beginning of senior year.
    Please talk to the advisers if payment is an issue and we can work out a payment plan or use funds raised as part of the fundraisers to supplement for dues.