• David Smith


     1) Sports Medicine Team Career Presentation
     2) Organization/Administration, Policies, AT Room Design Ultimate Training Room Project
     3) Legal Liability, Insurance and Ethics Negligence and Liability Videos w/groups
     4) Preventing Injuries through Fitness Stretch and Strength and Conditioning
     5) CPR, AED
     6) First Aid and Emergency Procedures Obtain Certification
     7) Environmental Factors
     8) Nutrition Gatorade Guest Speaker Trail Mix
     9) Sports Psychology Relaxation and Motivation Techniques
    10) Intro to Anatomy Skeleton Drawing and Labeling Add Muscles to Skeleton and Label
    11) Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg
    12) Knee
    13) Elbow, Wrist and Hand
    14) Shoulder
    15) Spine
    16) Head/Concussions
    17) Modalities
    18) Healing Process
    19) Rehabilitation
    20) Injury Presentations

    Taping will be done during each anatomy topic as well as evaluation techniques