• READ 180

    Read 180 is a specialized reading course that is designed to target reading skills that you may not have developed completely.  There are many skills that a good reader needs.  This program, combined with my instruction and your good effort, will allow you the opportunity to make substantial gains in your reading ability by developing these skills.  The course offers instruction and practice in decoding words, spelling, vocabulary development, comprehension, and fluency.  There are many tools in this course to help you learn these skills: Computer work, Audio books, Paperback books, andTeacher-guided instruction.  The biggest factor, of course, is you! 
    Full participation is essential for maximum growth.  Daily points will be assigned according to how completely you participate in the day's instruction and activities.  Ten points are available each day.  See syllabus for additional information.
    Please check the READ 180 Google Classroom for assignments, materials, and calendars.  Thank you!
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