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Subject / Grade World History and US History
Room: C203  Google Classroom
Phone: 480-224-2800
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"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life inyour years."
-- Abraham Lincoln

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Welcome to Mr Arringtons History courses. Where we will be exploring topics from around the world both anciently and more modern in an attempt to better understand; who and why we are the way we are. Because to truly know ourselves we must also know where we have been.

My Education and Professional Background

I attended Arizona State where I received my bachelor's in teaching and History. I have been teaching for thirteen years now one year at a middle school and the rest at Perry High School. Where I have taught both US and World History.

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is that every one can learn and succeed they/we just need to discover what method works best for them. Every student can reach their dreams and it is my goal that I can help them in some way to acheive those goals, through the lessons they learned from my class.

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