• Freshmen Tennis Season 2023
    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  We are excited to be back at Perry and we are looking forward to the quickly approaching freshmen tennis season.
    There will be an informational meeting on Monday August. 7th in Coach Castillo's classroom, F107 for both the boys and girls.
    There we will pass out all the information needed to "tryout" for the freshmen team.  Though, tryout is a bit of a misnomer as there are no cuts for freshmen tennis.  If you can stand the outdoor heat, you're on the team!
    Also, no experience is necessary!  We will teach you the sport from the ground up!
    See you in a few weeks!
    Coach Waltz



    Please see the following document for information about Open Courts over the summer.

    Summer Tennis 2021



    Perry Boys Freshman 2020 Season


    Here is a link with easy instructions for online fee payments using your ECA tax credit.



    See you all at 2:30 today for the first day of practice!  If you have issues with Meets for your classes and travel time to practice, just get here as soon as you can!  Go Pumas!


    The season starts Monday, August 31st.  Students interested in playing need to complete their registrations through www.registermyathlete.com prior to the 31st.  Practice will be Monday through Friday from 2:30-4:30 on the Perry courts.  Bring your racquet, water, a visor/hat, sunglasses, suncscreen, and wear athletic clothing and shoes.  Any questions, email me or call.


    John Waltz






    Perry Boys 2019 Season

    For those interested in purchasing Perry Tennis gear, the Girls Booster Club has opened a "team shop" for a limited time that contains Perry Tennis items, both boys and girls sizes, available for purchase to all.  The team shop closes September 5th. 

    The link for the team shop is



    If you have to log in separately, then use the following.


    Access Code:  SXygpQh8ce


    The 2019 Perry Boys Varsity Tennis Team had an excellent season.  The Pumas had a season dual team match record of 12-2.  We also placed 1st in the East Valley Tennis Challange and 2nd in the Chandler/Hamilton Invitational.  The team qualified a Singles and Doubles team for the State Individual Tournament and we reached the Quarterfinals for each entry.  In the Team State Championships, we reached the Quarterfinals.  Overall, The Pumas were ranked in the Top 6 in the state.  The Pumas were a very deep team in singles and had 3 excellent Doubles Teams.  The team was excellent scholastically, with a 3.78 GPA, with 2 players scoring a 35 on the SAT, 36 being perfect.

    I'm very proud of our players. They worked hard, competed, were very good representatives for our school, scholastically, with good sportsmanship, and improved as the season went on.  We will have an excellent team next year with lots of experience returning.  We lose only 1 player in the top 6.  The players know we still have to work harder to improve and to overtake the top teams in the state.  They will be working hard in the off season, with clinical workouts, playing tournaments, and match play.


    John Waltz

    Perry Pumas Boys Varsity/JV Head Coach




    The Team Roster consisted of:

    #1  Tatsu Tsurumi         Sr.  18-4 Singles  21-2 Dbles

    #2  Jordi Ferre               Jr.  12-7 Singles  18-4 Dbles 

    #3  Davin Ludwig           Jr.  18-3 Singles  21-4 Dbles  

    #4  Shawn Charles         Jr.  15-6 Singles  20-2 Dbles

    #5  Hayden Warner        Jr.  16-5 Singles  21-2 Dbles

    #6  Jonah Haslip            Jr.  17-2 Singles  19-2 Dbles


    #7  Grant Williams         Sr.  3-0  Singles  7-0  Dbles

    #8  Brennen Martelli      Fr.                        7-0  Dbles

    #9  Spencer Darby         Jr.

    #10  Grant Brigham       Jr.                         2-0  Dbles

    #11  Gabriel Teixeira     Sr.                         1-0  Dbles

    #12  Ram Karuppiah      Fr.

    #13  Jaden Tan              So.

    #14  Kyle Tran               So.

    #15  Nathan Lam           Fr.

    #16  Boston Goodman   So.


    Records were compiled from all dual matches, tournaments, and post season state matches.


    Chandler/Hamilton Invitational:

    #1 Tatsu Tsurumi    Gold Medal in both Singles and Dbles

    #2 Jordi Ferre          Silver Medal in Dbles

    #3 Davin Ludwig     Gold Medal in Singles, Silver in Dbles

    #4 Shawn Charles   Silver Medal in Singles and Dbles

    #5 Hayden Warner  Silver Medal in Singles, Gold in Dbles

    #6 Jonah Haslip       Gold Medal in Singles, Silver in Dbles