Apr 12
    #7 Perry (11-3) ended their regular season with a 9-0 win on Senior Night over Desert Ridge. Seniors Cole McClure, Slade Yeager and Brandon Merrell won their singles matches convincingly and then completed the sweep winning their doubles matches. Great night to finish their regular seasons. The team will go on to play in the Team State Championships starting 4/24 to play a team yet to be determined. Before that, starting 4/20, Cole and Slade will try to improve on their quarterfinal showing of 2017 in the State Doubles Championships.Representing Perry in singles will be sophomores Davin Ludwig and Jordi Ferre.
    The JV finished the season with only one loss beating the Jaguars 9-0.
    #1 singles McClure won 6-1,6-0
    #2 Yeager won 6-0,6-2
    #3 Ludwig won 6-4,6-2
    #4 Ferre won 6-2,6-1
    #5 Shawn Charles won 6-1,6-1
    #6 Merrell won 6-2,6-0
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager won 8-6
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-1
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-5
    JV winners singles Savage, Haslip, Morley, Darby, Cooper and Copic. Doubles Haslip/Morley, Savage/Darby and Cooper/Copic
    Apr 10
    Perry (10-3) had its last regular season road trip to Chandler. The Pumas beat the Wolves 8-1 and get ready for Senior Night on 4/12 against Desert Ridge. Playing doubles first Perry swept through the doubles quickly and clinched the match after only two singles matches. Perry is ranked #9 going into the last match, come cheer on the seniors!!!
    The JV swept all their matches to run their record to 12-1!!
    #1 singles Cole McClure lost 1-6,6-3,10-5
    #2 Slade Yeager won 6-0,6-1
    #3 Davin Ludwig won 6-4,6-0
    #4 Jordi Ferre won 6-1,6-0
    #5 Shawn Charles won 6-0,6-1
    #6 Brandon Merrell won 6-1,6-0
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager won 8-1
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-2
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-0
    JV winners: singles Williams, Savage, Haslip, Morley, Darby, Cooper. Doubles Haslip/Morley, Savage/Darby, Cooper/Copic
    April 6 and April 7
    Perry played in the two-day CUSD Invitational. The first day consists of singles where players play a round robin against opponents ranked the same on their teams. #1's play #1's, #2's play #2's, etc. The second day consisted of the same format however in doubles. In the 7 team field Perry got the silver in all 6 singles brackets and all three doubles brackets finishing a terrific tournament. A first in team history that every player won 2 medals.
    #1 Cole McClure silver 
    #2 Slade Yeager silver
    #3 Davin Ludwig silver
    #4 Jordi Ferre silver
    #5 Shawn Charles silver
    #6 Brandon Merrell silver
    #1 McClure/Yeager silver
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre silver
    #3 Charles/Merrell silver
    Apr 5
    #8 Perry traveled to #2 Hamilton for a divisional match. Hamilton beat Perry (9-3) 7-2 in the rivalry. #3 singles player, Davin Ludwig, won in straight sets 6-3,7-5 for Perry. Then teamed up with Jordi Ferre to win #2 doubles 8-3. 
    Unfortunately, Perry's JV undefeated season came to an end. Perry finishes their regular season at Chandler 4/10 and Senior Night home against Desert Ridge. Come cheer on Cole McClure, Slade Yeager and Brandon Merrell in their final regular season home match.
    #1 singles Cole McClure lost 6-0,6-0
    #2 Slade Yeager lost 6-3,6-2
    #3 Davin Ludwig won 6-3,7-5
    #4 Jordi Ferre lost 6-1,6-4
    #5 Shawn Charles lost 6-1,6-0
    #6 Brandon Merrell lost 6-2,6-2
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager lost 8-1
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-3
    #3 Charles/Merrell lost 8-1
    Apr 3
    #8 Perry hosted #12 Mountain View and came away with a hard fought 5-4 victory. Perry(9-2) was down 3 matches to none and charged back to tie the match at 3-3 after the singles. Brandon Merrell and Jordi Ferre were both down a set and fought back to win a third set super tie-breaker to win their matches at #6 and #4. Davin Ludwig won in straight sets to continue an outstanding sophomore season. The meet came down to the three doubles matches and even though Merrell was in extreme pain from leg cramps, he and Shawn Charles won their match 8-5. Shortly afterwards, Ludwig and Ferre clinched the match with an 8-6 win at #2 doubles. Perry travels to #2 Hamilton on Thursday and then play at Chandler in the CUSD Invitational Friday and Saturday starting at 8am each day.
    Perry JV (11-0) remained undefeated with an impressive 8-1 win.
    #1 singles Cole McClure lost 6-1,6-2
    #2 Slade Yeager lost 6-3, 3-6, 14-12
    #3 Ludwig won 6-4,7-5
    #4 Ferre won 3-6,7-5,10-7
    #5 Shawn Charles lost 6-2,6-2
    #6 Brandon Merrell won 2-6,7-5,10-5
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager lost 8-6
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-6
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-5
    JV winners singles: Williams, Savage, Morley, Darby and Cooper. Doubles: Williams/Savage, Haslip/Morley and Cooper/Copic
    Mar 26
    #9 Perry traveled to Skyline and won 8-1. Perry (8-2) clinched the match after winning 5 of the 6 singles contests. Senior Brandon Merrell did not give up a game in singles or doubles, teaming with Shawn Charles. Charles, Jordi Ferre and Davin Ludwig all registered at least one 6-0 set in their singles matches.
    The JV (10-0) remained undefeated also registering an 8-1 match score.
    #1 singles Cole McClure lost 7-5,6-4
    #2 Slade Yeager won 6-3,6-3
    #3 Davin Ludwig won 6-0,6-2
    #4 Jordi Ferre won 6-0,6-1
    #5 Shawn Charles won 6-0,6-3
    #6 Brandon Merrell won 6-0,6-0
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager won 8-1
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-3
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-0
    JV winners singles: Savage, Haslip, Morley, Darby, Cooper. Doubles: Cooper/Copic, Darby/Veloria and Brigham/Warner
    Mar 24
    #6 Perry (7-2) took on #3 Red Mountain and unfortunately for the Pumas, the Red Mountain Lions were the bigger cat winning 8-1. As expected, there were some very exciting points but too many went the Lions way in the end. Brandon Merrell won Perry's lone match winning 6-4,6-0. Unfortunately, we saw Davin Ludwig's season-long winning streak end as he just came up short in getting the match to a deciding third set.
    Perry's JV team remained undefeated with a 6-3 win.
    #1 singles Cole McClure lost 6-4,6-0
    #2 Slade Yeager lost 6-2,6-3
    #3 Davin Ludwig lost 6-1,7-5
    #4 Jordi Ferre lost 6-1,6-1
    #5 Shawn Charles lost 6-4,6-4
    #6 Brandon Merrell won 6-4,6-0
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager lost 8-4
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre lost 8-5
    #3 Merrell/Charles lost 8-2
    JV Winners singles: Williams, Savage, Haslip and Cooper. Doubles Haslip/Morley and Cooper/Copic
    Mar 22
    For the first time in the school's history, Perry is ranked #6 in the state. Perry (7-1) followed up the exciting news by beating Poston Butte 9-0. Now Perry has a long weekend before they host #3 Red Mountain on Tuesday 3/27. Davin Ludwig in singles and Shawn Charles and Brandon Merrell at doubles remained undefeated for the season.
    The JV remained undefeated as Poston Butte was shorthanded players.
    #1 singles Cole McClure won 6-0,6-1
    #2 Slade Yeager won 6-0,6-1
    #3 Davin Ludwig won 6-0,6-1
    #4 Jordi Ferre won 6-0,6-0
    #5 Shawn Charles won 6-0,6-0
    #6 Brandon Merrell won 6-0,6-0
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager won 8-0
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-0
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-1
    Mar 20
    Perry won the Battle of Val Vista by completing the sweep of the high schools on the same street beating Campo Verde 8-1. Perry (6-1) goes into the first state rankings on Thursday on a six dual match win streak with a tournament win thrown in also. Slade Yeager and Jordi Ferre swept through their opponents without giving up a game and Shawn Charles and Brandon Merrell only allowed one game apiece. Davin Ludwig had to suck it up and pull out a win winning two out of three tiebreakers to stay undefeated for the season. Perry stays home Thursday to play Poston Butte at 3:30. 
    The JV stayed undefeated beating an undermanned team 9-0.
    #1 singles Cole McClure lost 3-6,6-4, 10-6 (tiebreaker)
    #2 Yeager won 6-0,6-0
    #3 Ludwig won 7-6(1),6-7(5),10-3 (tiebreaker)
    #4 Ferre won 6-0,6-0
    #5 Charles won 6-0,6-1
    #6 Merrell won 6-0,6-1
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager won 8-2
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-4
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-0
    JV winners singles: Williams, Savage, Haslip, Darby, Cooper, Copic. Doubles: Warner/Brigham, Williams/Savage and Darby/Haslip
    Mar 8
    Perry traveled to Highland to avenge last year's upset. Perry (5-1) won 8-1 playing very inspired tennis in a very harsh environment. Shawn Charles won 6-0, 6-0 for the third straight dual match and then teamed up with Brandon Merrell to win 8-1 at #3 doubles. Cole McClure and Slade Yeager won the most exciting match of the day 9-8 in a tiebreaker to win #1 doubles. Davin Ludwig kept his season long winning streak alive with a win on his birthday.
    The JV (6-0) continued their undefeated season winning their third straight dual 9-0.
    #1 singles McClure lost 1-6,6-3, 11-9 super tiebreaker
    #2 Yeager won 6-0, 7-6 (3)
    #3 Ludwig won 6-4,6-2
    #4 Jordi Ferre won 6-3,6-2
    #5 Charles won 6-0,6-0
    #6 Merrell won 6-3,6-3
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager won 9-8 (5)
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-0
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-1
    JV winners singles: Williams, Savage, Morley, Darby, Cooper, Copic. Doubles: Williams/Savage, Morley/Cooper and Darby/Copic
    Mar 6
    Perry returned home for a match against Queen Creek. Perry (4-1) enjoyed some home cooking to extend their win streak to 4 matches and a tournament win in the last week with a 9-0 win. Cole McClure and Slade Yeager, the #1 and #2 players respectively, only gave up 2 total games in their singles and doubles wins. #3 Davin Ludwig continued his undefeated season winning at #3 singles.
    The JV team also won 9-0 to remain undefeated for the season.
    #1 singles McClure won 6-0,6-1
    #2 Yeager won 6-1,6-0
    #3 Ludwig won 6-0,6-2
    #4 Jordi Ferre won 6-2,6-2
    #5 Shawn Charles won 6-0,6-0
    #6 Brandon Merrell won 6-0,6-0
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager won 8-0
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-2
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-2
    JV winners singles: Williams, Savage, Morley, Darby, Cooper and Copic. Doubles: Williams/Savage, Morley/Cooper and Warner/Brigham
    Mar 3 and Mar 4
    Perry was the champion of the East Valley Team Tennis Challenge in a two-day doubles invitational against 6 other local schools. The format was 4 doubles teams playing against another school's 4 doubles teams. Two points awarded to #1 doubles and one point each for the other three team's matches. Perry beat Basha, Mountain Pointe, Desert Ridge, Williams Field, Shadow Ridge and then Mountain View Mesa in the finals. Highlights include Cole McClure and Slade Yeager at #1 doubles crushing Mountain View in the final team match 8-0. The teams of Davin Ludwig/Jordi Ferre and Jonah Haslip/Alex Morley won simultaneously to clinch the finals.
    Gold Medalists include: McClure/Yeager, Ludwig/Ferre, Shawn Charles/Brandon Merrell, Grant Williams/Jameson Savage and Haslip/Morley.
    Mar 1
    Perry took to the road again this time to Horizon. Perry (3-1) won 9-0 at Varsity and 9-0 for the undefeated JV. Perry came out strong only giving up 10 games in 6 singles matches. Cole McClure at #1 and #2 Slade Yeager had personal history against Horizon players and were ready for a strong fight. They both won their singles and paired up at #1 doubles to complate the sweep. #3 Davin Ludwig remained undefeated for the year as did the #3 doubles team of Charles and Merrell.
    #1 singles McClure won 6-1,6-3
    #2 Yeager won 6-0,6-1
    #3 Ludwig won 6-1,6-0
    #4 Ferre won 6-1,6-3
    #5 Charles won 6-0,6-0
    #6 Merrell won 6-0,6-0
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager won 8-3
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 9-7
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-1
    JV winners: singles- Williams, Savage, Haslip, Morley, Darby and Cooper. Doubles- Williams/Savage, Morley/Haslip and Cooper/Copic
    Feb 28
    Perry drove, it seemed, almost to East LA for a match against last year's #12 ranked team Millenium. Perry (2-1) overcame the commute with a strong 6-3 win at Varsity and a 9-0 blowout for the JV. Starting with doubles Perry went up quickly 2-1 and kept rolling in singles. The JV only lost 2 games out of nine sets to dominate and stay undefeated at 3-0.
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager lost 8-1
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-2
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-1
    #1 singles McClure lost 6-0,6-1
    #2 Yeager won 6-3,6-2
    #3 Ludwig won 6-1,6-0
    #4 Ferre won 6-2,6-3
    #5 Charles lost 6-3,6-3
    #6 Merrell won 6-1,6-1
    JV winners: singles Williams, Savage, Haslip, Morley, Darby and Cooper. doubles- Williams/Savage, Morley/Haslip, Cooper/Copic
    Feb 27
    Perry played their first home match of the new season against Val Vista rival, Basha. Perry Varsity handled business winning 8-1 and the JV won 7-2. Davin Ludwig remained undefeated with a third set tiebreaker win. In doubles, Shawn Charles and Brandon Merrell remained undefeated at #3 doubles. A great team effort in front of the home crowd.
    #1 singles McClure won 6-2,6-1
    #2 Slade Yeager won 6-0,6-2
    #3 Davin Ludwig won 6-0,3-6,(10-2)
    #4 Jordi Ferre won 6-2,6-2
    #5 Shawn Charles lost 6-7,6-7
    #6 Brandon Merrell won 6-2,6-2
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager won 8-3
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre won 8-3
    #3 Charles/Merrell won 8-3
    JV winners: singles-Savage, Haslip, Darby, Cooper and Copic. doubles- Haslip/Cooper and Warner/Brigham
    Feb 22nd
    The Perry Men's team started their season off with a hard fought match against perennial powerhouse Chaparral. Perry lost 7-2, but won the first matches ever against their foes and lost two 3rd set tiebreakers in singles and a doubles tiebreaker in a fierce match ended by darkness. Davin Ludwig tore through his opponent at #3 singles and Brandon Merrell and Shawn Charles won a tiebreaker as darkness fell at #3 doubles.
    Ludwig and Joedi Ferre lost a tiebreaker at #2 doubles in the dark and Merrell and Charles lost their tiebreakers at #5 and #6 singles. The JV won 5.5-3.5 as the last match was split due to failing light.
    #1 singles Cole McClure lost 6-1,6-3
    #2 Slade Yeager lost 6-4,7-5
    #3 Davin Ludwig won 6-4,6-3
    #4 Jordi Ferre lost 6-2,6-1
    #5 Shawn Charles lost 6-3,5-7,(10)
    #6 Brandon Merrell lost 6-7,6-4,(3)
    #1 doubles McClure/Yeager lost 8-4
    #2 Ludwig/Ferre lost 8-7(5)
    #3 Merrell/Charles won7-6(6)
    JV winners: singles-Jameson Savage, Jonah Haslip,Blake Cooper and Spencer Darby
    doubles- Cooper and Christian Copic
    Congratulations to all the players that tried out for the Tennis Team this week!!!
    We had a terrific week of over 20 players trying out and giving an amazing effort. The following 16 players will make up the Perry Men's Tennis Team (alphabetical order):
    Grant Brigham
    Shawn Charles
    Blake Cooper
    Christian Copic
    Spencer Darby
    Jordi Ferre
    Jonah Haslip
    Davin Ludwig
    Cole McClure
    Brandon Merrell
    Alex Morley
    Jameson Savage
    Gio Veloria
    Hayden Warner
    Grant Williams
    Slade Yeager
    Team Pictures will be Thursday afternoon during practice. That evening please put on your calendars to attend the Spring Sport Parents Meeting!!!
    Tryouts for Varsity/JV Tennis:
    Tennis practice starts Monday February 5th, 2018 at 2:30 right after school. Practice will be after school Monday through Friday from 2:30-5:00 each day.
    TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY: You must have a physical exam and fill out the online athletic clearance packet. That can be found on this Perry HS website under the heading Athletics and then Athletic Department. Then bring that PRINTED packet info to Mrs. Stall in the Athletic department between 1/16 and 2/2 for your clearance yellow card. WITHOUT that yellow card you cannot attend practice or be at the tennis courts during practice.
    We will be extending practice tryouts from 2:30 until 5:00pm because of expecting over 30 boys trying out for the team.
    Please bring the following to practice:
    Proper tennis shoes and attire
    Water jug, thermos, etc, water will be provided, but it will be very hot. Drink a gallon of water throughout the day to be hydrated.
    Towel, hat are suggested.
    Please contact the Coach at the following for any additional questions: 
    Tom Lennox
    The start of the Freshman season has begun!!
    8/31 Perry (1-1) hosted Brophy B team and lost 8-1. The doubles team of Kyle Tran and Dominic Sternard played a steady brand of tennis winning 8-6 in a tight match. Boston Goodman, Dominic Sternard, Jared Flood, Kyle Tran and Douglas Chapple all played with great effort in singles, but were not able to overcome better players this day. The team has a long weekend off and then travel to Casteel on Tuesday for their first away match.
    8/29 History was made at Perry last night as both the Boys and Girls played at the same site at the same time as Perry beat Basha. Both teams were shorthanded but Perry Boys won 6-1. Dominic Sternard, Jared Flood, Kyle Tran and Douglas Chapple won in singles. Dominic and Kyle teamed to win at #1 doubles and Boston Goodman and Jared won in a default. Perry welcomes Brophy on Thursday 8/31.
    4/21 and 4/22  Brigham Welch in singles and the doubles team of Cole McClure and Slade Yeager played in the AIA Individual State Championships. Brigham won his first round match over rival Mountain View in spectacular fashion 6-0, 6-0. Unfortunately, Brigham had to face the #5 seed from Desert Vista. Even though he was up 3-1 in the second set Brigham could not hang on and eventually lost a fine match. The Perry duo of McClure and Yeager won in 3 sets over Shadow Ridge in the first round, then trounced the team from Maryvale 6-0, 6-0 to advance to Saturday's Sweet Sixteen. In a rematch of an earlier regular season match, Perry put up a great fight with some very exciting points only to lose again to the 5th seeded Horizon team. Perry returns 14 of their 16 players from this year's squad and looks forward to an exciting season in 2018.
    4/13 #19 Perry (8-6) finished their season at Desert Ridge with a 9-0 win. Brigham Welch finished his senior season winning 6-0, 6-0 and now plays in the Individual State Championships in singles. Perry used nine different players in sweeping their last match.  The JV (12-2) finished their outstanding season also winning 9-0.
    Singles results:
    #1 Welch won
    #2 McClure won
    #3 Yeager won
    #4 Ludwig won
    #5 Ferre won
    #6 Snideman won
    #1 Ludwig/Ferre won
    #2 Snideman/ Carpenter won
    #3 Merrell/ Charles won
    JV winners: Singles- Morley, Haslip, Zechmann, Williams, Darby and Cooper. Doubles- Haslip/ Zechmann, Williams/ Darby and Cooper/ Copic 
    4/11 Perry hosted Chandler High on Senior Night. Perry (7-6) won 9-0 to send out seniors #1 Brigham Welch and #6 Christopher Carpenter in style. Both players won their last home singles and doubles matches to pace the team. The JV (11-2) won 9-0 also to continue their great season.
    Varsity Singles Winners:
    #1 Brigham Welch
    #2 Cole McClure
    #3 Slade Yeager
    #4 Davin Ludwig
    #5 Jordi Ferre
    #6 Chris Carpenter
    Doubles Winners:
    #1 Welch/ Ludwig
    #2 Snideman/ Carpenter
    #3 Merrell/ Charles
    JV Winners: Morley, Haslip, Zechmann, Darby, Cooper, Copic. Doubles: Haslip/ Zechmann, Morley/ Darby, Cooper/ Copic.
    4/7 and 4/8 Perry played in the ten team Chandler/ Hamilton Invitational two day event. Friday is traditionally an all-day round robin singles play with Saturday being the doubles. After two days of beautiful weather Perry finished second only to Hamilton winning silver in 7 of nine events. Hamilton won 9 golds, ACP and Basha won 1 silver each.
    Singles Silver Winners:
    #2 Cole McClure
    #3 Slade Yeager
    #4 Davin Ludwig
    #5 Jordi Ferre
    #6 Aidan Snideman
    Doubles Silver Winners
    #1 McClure/ Yeager
    #3 Ferre/ Snideman 
    4/6 #3 Hamilton came to Perry (6-6) and used Perry to warm up for the Chandler/Hamilton Invitational winning 9-0. #3 Slade Yeager made a fantastic effort losing in the third set super tiebreaker 7-6(5), 5-7, 10-3. The JV had their ten match winning streak come to an end 1-8. Spencer Darby won 9-7 at 6th singles.
    4/4 Perry (6-5) visited Mountain View Mesa for the second year in a row and for the second straight year lost on the final match 5-4. Perry won at #1 as Brigham Welch swept singles and doubles. #2 Cole McClure and #5 Jordi Ferre also won in singles. #4 Davin Ludwig and #6 Aidan Snideman lost both their matches in the 3rd set super tiebreaker in heart breakers after winning their second sets to tie their matches. Perry JV won their tenth straight match winning 6-3 led by #1 Shawn Charles winning 8-0.
    #1 Welch won 6-4, 6-3
    #2 McClure won 6-2, 6-4
    #3 Yeager lost 6-4, 6-0
    #4 Ludwig lost 6-2, 5-7, 10-7
    #5 Ferre won 6-3, 7-6 (7)
    #6 Snideman lost 6-3, 2-6, 11-9
    #1 McClure/ Yeager lost 8-6
    #2 Welch/ Ludwig won 8-1
    #3 Carpenter/ Merrell lost 8-5
    JV winners: Singles: Charles, Morley, Haslip, Zechmann, Williams. Doubles: Cooper/Copic 
    3/30 Perry (6-4) beat Skyline in a tight contest 5-4. Perry won 4 singles matches heading into doubles and #1 doubles team of Cole McClure and Slade Yeager came back to win 9-7. Perry won 2 of 3 3rd set super tie-breakers in singles in very tight matches. Freshman Davin Ludwig won 10-6 at #3 singles and then #5 Sophomore Aidan Snideman won 10-3 in their respective super tie-breakers. The JV team extended their win streak to 9 as they dominated their match 9-0.
    Varsity scores:
    #1 McClure lost 3-6, 6-4, 10-3
    #2 Yeager lost 6-0, 6-0
    #3 Ludwig won 6-2, 5-7, 10-6
    #4 Ferre won 6-3, 6-4
    #5 Snideman won 6-4, 3-6, 10-3
    #6 Merrell won 6-2, 6-3
    #1 McClure/ Yeager won 9-7
    #2 Ludwig/ Ferre lost 8-6
    #3 Snideman/ Carpenter lost 9-7
    JV Winners Singles: Charles, Morley, Haslip, Zechmann, Williams, Darby. Doubles: Zechmann/ Haslip, Charles/ Morley, Copic/Cooper 
    3/28 #15 Ranked Perry traveled to Red Mountain in Mesa and lost 9-0. Playing without 2 sick starters freshman Jordi Ferre moved all the way to #3 singles and fought back winning the tie-breaker in the second set only to lose in the third set super tie-breaker. The JV (8-1) extended their winning streak by winning convincingly 7-2.
    JV winners Singles: Charles, Morley, Zechmann, Williams and Darby. Doubles: Haslip/ Zechmann, Copic/ Cooper 
    3/23 Perry raised their record to 5-3 with a 9-0 win at Poston Butte. #1 Brigham Welch started slow losing the first set 1-6, then stormed back to win 6-1 in the second and won the 3rd set super-tiebreaker 10-4 clinch the sweep. Transfer Brandon Merrell played in his first eligible match and teamed with Aidan Snideman to win 8-0 in doubles. Unfortunately, PB JV team only has one player, but Shawn Charles kept the JV winning streak alive 8-1. JV has won 7 straight matches.
    Singles winners: Welch, McClure, Ludwig, Yeager, Snideman and Ferre. Doubles: Yeager/ McClure, Welch/ Ludwig and Merrell/ Snideman. JV: Charles
    3/21 Perry traveled less than 2 miles up the road to play Campo Verde during Spring Break and used strong singles play to win 5-4. Perry (4-3) won 4 of 6 singles matches and a dominating performance at 3rd doubles to win the deciding point. After a disappointing loss at #5 singles, Aidan Snideman teamed up with freshman Jordi Ferre to win 8-2 to win the deciding match. Jordi also won at #6 singles to raise his undefeated record in singles to 4-0. Perry travels to Poston Butte on Thursday for the first time ever. JV won 9-0 and raised their record to 6-1.
    #1 Welch lost 6-1, 6-4
    #2 McClure won 6-1, 6-2
    #3 Ludwig won 6-2, 6-1
    #4 Yeager won 6-3, 6-4
    #5 Snideman lost 6-3, 6-4
    #6 Ferre won 6-0, 6-2
    #1 McClure/ Yeager lost 8-6
    #2 Welch/ Ludwig lost 9-8 (5)
    #3 Snideman/ Ferre won 8-2 
    JV winners: Singles- Charles, Morley, Haslip, Zechmann, Cooper and Darby. Doubles- Charles/Morley, Darby/ Cooper and Haslip/ Zechmann
    3/9 Perry welcomed Highland for a home match Thursday and were too gracious losing a tough 4-5 match. Perry could not overcome illness this time as they played without 4 players including numbers 1 and 6 varsity. Everyone played hard but the highlights were the two reserves stepped in and won their matches. Freshmen Jordi Ferre and Shawn Charles stepped into #5 and 6 singles and came out victors. Then Shawn teamed with Aidan Snideman to win their very first match playing doubles together in practice or match play. The JV was also missing 2 players because of illness and had to forfeit 2 matches but still ended up winning 5-4.
    #1 Cole McClure lost 6-1, 6-0
    #2 Davin Ludwig lost 6-3, 6-1
    #3 Slade Yeager won 6-4, 6-4
    #4 Aidan Snideman lost 3-6, 6-3, 11-9 (super tie-breaker)
    #5 Jordi Ferre won 7-6 (3), 6-4
    #6 Shawn Charles won 6-4, 6-2
    McClure/ Yeager lost 8-1
    Ludwig/ Ferre lost 8-2
    Snideman/ Charles won 8-6
    JV winners: Morley, Cooper, Williams and Darby. Doubles Morley/ Haslip

    3/7 Perry traveled to Queen Creek and had to play without their sick #1 singles player Brigham Welch. In fine fashion everyone was asked to step up and Perry Varsity blanked the Bulldogs 9-0 and raised their record to 3-2. Junior Cole McClure playing #1 for the first time ever won 6-1, 6-0. Aidan Snideman and Chris Carpenter not only won their singles matches but teamed up for the first time in doubles to win 8-3. The JV also won 9-0 led by #1 Shawn Charles and his partner #2 Alex Morley. Perry returns home on 3/9 to face Highland. JV raised their record to 4-1.

    1- Cole McClure won 6-1, 6-0
    2- Davin Ludwig won 6-0, 6-0
    3- Slade Yeager won 6-1, 6-1
    4- Aidan Snideman won 6-3, 6-3
    5- Chris Carpenter won 6-0, 6-2
    6- Jordi Ferre won 6-2, 6-0
    McClure/ Yeager won 8-3
    Snideman/ Carpenter won 8-3
    Ludwig/ Ferre won 8-5
    JV winners Singles: Charles, Morley, Haslip, Zechmann, Cooper and Copic Doubles Charles/ Morley, Haslip/ Zechmann and Darby/ Williams

    3/2 The week closed with Perry hosting Horizon for the first time in a truly exciting match. However, Perry lost 5-4 in as close a match as you can play. Play came down to the last match of the day as the Perry #3 duo of freshmen Davin Ludwig and Jordi Ferre lost a heartbreaker 8-6. It was not the only exciting match of the day as Aidan Snideman playing #5 singles lost a third set tie-breaker 11-9 and Chris Carpenter playing #6 singles won a third set tie-breaker 10-8! Perry drops to 2-2 for the year.

    The JV team won 8-1 and have won 3 straight matches. The next match will be away at Queen Creek on 3/7 and then back home on 3/9 against Highland.
    1- Brigham Welch lost 6-0, 6-0
    2- Davin Ludwig lost 6-1, 6-2
    3- Cole McClure won 6-0, 6-3
    4- Slade Yeager won 7-5, 7-5
    5- Aidan Snideman lost 3-6, 6-3, 11-9 (super tie-breaker)
    6- Chris Carpenter won 7-6 (3), 1-6, 10-8 (super tie-breaker)
    1- Yeager/ McClure lost 8-2
    2- Welch/ Snideman won 8-5
    3- Ludwig/ Ferre lost 8-6
    JV: Singles winners- Morley, Zechmann, Haslip, Copic and Cooper. Doubles winners: Charles/Morley, Zechmann/Haslip and Darby/Williams 
    3/1 Perry hosted Millenium of Goodyear and even though Millenium played well at the top of the lineup, it was Perry's depth that came through in the end 6-3.
    The match turned on the #3 singles match with Perry's Cole McClure coming back from a set down to win the third set super tie-breaker 10-4. After that the freshman duo of Davin Ludwig and Jordi Ferre clinched the 5th point winning 3rd Doubles 8-6. The JV team blasted their opponents 9-0. Perry hosts Horizon on Thursday afternoon.
    1- Welch lost 6-0, 6-0
    2- Ludwig lost 6-1, 6-0
    3- McClure won 6-7, 6-2, 10-4
    4- Yeager won 6-1, 6-0
    5- Snideman won 6-0, 6-0
    6- Ferre won 6-2, 6-0
    1- McClure/ Yeager lost 8-1
    2- Welch/ Snideman won 8-2
    3- Ludwig/ Ferre won 8-6
    JV: Charles, Morley, Zechmann, Haslip, Copic and Cooper all won their singles matches and Charles/Morley, Zechmann/ Haslip and Darby/ Williams all won their doubles matches. 
    2/28 Perry traveled a whopping 2 miles down the Val Vista school corridor to play Basha and even though it took forever getting home the team cruised to a 8-1 victory in Varsity and JV. Perry has two home matches on Wednesday and Thursday.
    Perry scores:
    1- Brigham Welch lost 5-7, 3-6
    2- Davin Ludwig won 6-4, 6-4
    3- Cole McClure won 6-2, 6-3
    4- Slade Yeager won 6-1, 6-0
    5- Aidan Snideman won 6-1, 4-6, 10-4 (super tie breaker) 
    6- Christopher Carpenter won 6-4, 6-1
    1- McClure/ Yeager won 8-6
    2- Welch/ Snideman won 8-6
    3- Ludwig/ Jordi Ferre won 8-4
    JV scores:
    1- Shawn Charles lost 8-5
    2- Alex Morley won 8-5
    3- Aidan Zechmann won 9-7
    4- Jonah Haslip won 8-1
    5- Christian Copic won 8-2
    6- Blake Cooper won 8-1
    1- Charles/ Morley won 9-7
    2- Zechmann/ Haslip 8-1
    3- Spencer Darby/ Grant Williams 
    2/27 The Perry match at Basha has been moved up to 3:00 to help Basha go watch their basketball team in the state finals that evening. 

    2/24-2/25 Perry traveled to Red Mountain HS to play in the AZ Showcase. The format was a double elimination singles tournament for the top 6 players in the 3 different brackets. The first day saw 4 players still unbeaten at the end of the day. The players were Cole McClure, Slade Yeager, Aidan Snideman and Christopher Carpenter. As Saturday ended Perry still had Cole and Aidan still alive. Chris unfortunately played Aidan to see who would advance and Aidan won 9-8 in a tie-breaker. A great match between teammates. The tournament was ended due to darkness. Congratulations to the team as they fought hard and represented themselves and their school well!! 


    2/23 The season has started with the team's first match against perennial top 5 Chaparral High School. In the 2016 State Championships #14 Perry lost last year to #3 Chaparral. So it was ironic that we faced off in the first match of the 2017 season. However, Perry did not fare much better this match losing 9-0 in Varsity and losing 6-3 in JV.
    With such a young squad and how hard they played, I see a good season for this team!!! Congratulations to Blake Cooper who won in singles and Aidan Zechmann and Jonah Haslip who won as one doubles team and Spencer Darby and Grant Williams as they won as another doubles team in JV. 

    Congratulations to the following players that made the 2017 Men's Tennis Team!!!
    I want to thank all of the young men that tried out for the team this last week and all the hard work and effort they put in. This is by far the deepest pool of talent that Perry has ever produced. If players have any further questions, I can be contacted at 602-400-7173 or talennox58@gmail.com.
    Special Dates:
    2/16/17 Uniforms to be distributed
    2/16/17 Parent Team Meeting Perry Auditorium, followed by team mtg in F107
    2/20/17 Team Photos
    2/23/17 First Match vs. Chaparral at home
    Tennis Team (no specific order)
    Brigham Welch
    Cole McClure
    Slade Yeager
    Aidan Snideman
    Christopher Carpenter
    Brandon Merrell
    Davin Ludwig
    Jordi Ferre
    Shawn Charles
    Blake Cooper
    Spencer Darby
    Jonah Haslip
    Aidan Zechmann
    Alex Morley
    Christian Copic
    Grant Williams 
    2017 Varsity/JV Tennis Team Practice and Tryouts 
    We plan on having over 30 kids show up for tryouts so tryouts for the week will be extended from 2:30 until 5:00pm. 
    Tennis Team Informational Meeting will be at 2:30 1/17 in F107 (Mr. Castillo's room) for all parents and players who are interested in trying out for the tennis teams. Drop-in tennis will be available right after the meeting.
    Tennis practice starts Monday February 6th, 2017 at 2:30 right after school. Practice will be after school Monday through Friday from 2:30-4:30 each day.
    TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY: You must have a physical exam and fill out the online athletic clearance packet. That can be found on this Perry HS website under the heading Athletics and then Athletic Department. Then bring that PRINTED packet info to Mrs. Stall in the Athletic department between 1/30 and 2/3 for your clearance yellow card. WITHOUT that yellow card you cannot attend practice or be at the tennis courts during practice.
    Please bring the following to practice:
    Proper tennis shoes and attire
    Water jug, thermos, etc, water will be provided, but it will be very hot. Drink a gallon of water throughout the day to be hydrated.
    Towel, hat are suggested.
    Please contact the Coach at the following for any additional questions: 
    Tom Lennox
    See Freshman Tennis page for upcoming 2016 Freshman Tennis information and tryouts
    Recognitions for 2016 Varsity Tennis Team 
    It was announced that Jordan Yeager was named to the All-Tribune First Team in Singles. The article can be read by following the attached link. What a great accomplishment for the first Perry singles player to be seeded in the State Championships!!
    http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/varsityxtra/article_c9365328-2b30-11e6-b202-c79b8becac57.html    (copy and paste if link does not work)
    Other Accomplishments:
    First Team All-CUSD Singles: Jordan Yeager and Kyle Vance
    First Team All-CUSD Doubles: Kyle Vance and Brennan Sciascia
    Honorable Mention All-CUSD Team: Cole McClure, Sebastion Chengattu and Brigham Welch
    All AIA Scholar Athlete Team: Perry (team must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better)
    All AIA Scholar Athlete Individuals (GPA greater than 3.5): Kyle Vance, Brennan Sciascia, Brigham Welch, Cole McClure, Sebastian Chengattu, Christopher Carpenter
    4/26 #14 Perry finished their team season with a loss to #3 Chaparral 5-0. Brigham Welch was in a tie breaker winning 6-2 when the team match concluded. A great year for Perry finishing the highest it has ever been ranked. 
    4/22-23 The start of AZ Individual State Championships began at Indian School Park Friday. #7 Jordan Yeager won both his matches beating Edirisoor of Corona Del Sol 6-1,7-5 and then beat Hanson of Pinnacle 7-6,6-0 to reach the quarterfinals. This is a first for Perry as Jordan is the first singles player to reach the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, he ran into the #2 see Jesse Miritello and lost in a well played match. Kyle Vance and Brennan Sciascia came back from a set down to beat the team from Liberty. They lost in the second round to the #5 seeded team from Brophy. Brigham Welch was the first time Perry had 4 player playing and unfortunately lost to the 8th seed in the first round. A great effort by all as this smashed records for Perry participation. 
    4/19 With the highest ranking ever in school history #14 Perry traveled to #1 Desert Mountain to play the last regular season match. Unfortunately, Perry only won #3 doubles when Brigham Welch and Cole McClure won 9-7. In JV competition Oscar Veloria and Nhan Vo won singles matches as the JV lost 7-2. 
    4/16 In exciting news for the #15 Perry Tennis program, Jordan Yeager became the first player to ever be seeded in Division 1 from Perry. Jordan will be seeded #7 in the Individual Singles competition starting Friday 4/22. Also competing in the Individual State competition Kyle Vance and Brennan Sciascia will be representing Perry in doubles. This is the second straight year for Kyle in doubles who got to the quarterfinals with Jordan last year. In another first, Perry is able to send another singles competitor. Because Perry is ranked inside the top 16, Brigham Welch will be making his first individual state appearance. These are all trendsetting accomplishments for a team that made the Team State championship tournament for the first time last year. With their finish this year this will make it two years in a row and another new accomplishment. Way to go Pumas!!!!
    4/14  #15 Perry welcomed Campo Verde to celebrate Senior Day. Perry was not a good host winning 9-0. Seniors #1 Jordan Yeager, #2 Kyle Vance, #3 Brennan Sciascia and #6 Sebastian Chengattu all won their last home singles matches. Other winning matches were #4 Brigham Welch, #5 Cole McClure, #1 Doubles Vance/Sciascia, #2 Doubles Yeager/Slade Yeager. With special thanks, Perry also says goodbye to junior TJ Wilson as he is transferring to Thailand with his family. TJ teamed with Chris Carpenter to win #3 Doubles 8-0.
    The Perry team enjoyed cake, pictures and senior recognition with a senior class that has made Perry eligible for two straight State Team Championship tournaments.  
    4/12 #4 Ranked Hamilton came to #15 Perry for their annual dual meet. Even though their were a couple of good matches Hamilton proved their ranking winning 8-1. The two matches of the day were #4 Brigham Welch coming back from one set down to win two tie-breakers and the match. #5 Cole McClure was ahead 9-3 in the ten point third set super tie-breaker but unfortunately fell short. The JV took it on the chin also 9-0.  
    Come out this week and see the last two home matches of the year. Hamilton visits on Tuesday and Campo Verde continues the "Battle of Val Vista" with Senior Night on Thursday. Come cheer seniors Jordan Yeager, Kyle Vance, Brennan Sciascia and Sebastian Chengattu in their last home match!!!
    4/8 Perry played in the Annual Hamilton/Chandler Invitational with 8 Singles and 4 Doubles flights. Brigham Welch, Cole McClure and Sebastian Chengattu finished with the Gold medal in the 3rd Doubles Flight as they rotated partners during the tournament. Perry finished with the Silver medal in all eight singles flights and the other three doubles flights finishing second to #4 ranked Hamilton. 
    Singles Silver Medal Winners: Jordan Yeager, Kyle Vance, Brennan Sciascia, Brigham Welch, Cole McClure, Chis Carpenter, Sebastian Chengattu, Slade Yeager, Aiden Snideman and TJ Wilson.
    Doubles Silver Winners: Vance/Sciascia, Yeager/Yeager, Snideman/Wilson
    Gold Medal Winners: Welch/McClure/Chengattu 
    4/7 #15 ranked Perry traveled to Mountain Pointe High and beat out their opponents and the rain. In ever increasing dark skies the Varsity and JV both won 9-0. The match started with doubles and #1 team of Kyle Vance and Brennan Sciascia won 8-0. Then the Yeager brothers Jordan and Slade, not to be undone, followed up with a 8-0 victory.  In singles, Kyle, Brennan and Brigham Welch all won their singles matches 6-0,6-0. As darkness fell, Chris Carpenter fought a game opponent and won 10-6 in the 3rd set super tie-breaker at #6 singles. Other winners were Jordan Yeager, Cole McClure and #3 team of Welch and Sebastian Chengattu.
    JV winners at singles were Aidan Snideman, TJ Wilson, Oscar Veloria, Zach Durbin, Grant Williams and Nhan Vo. The doubles team winners were Snideman/Wilson, Vo/Aidan Zechmann and Christian Copic/Williams. 
    4/6 #16 Perry stayed home and played Williams Field for the first time in Division 1 history. Perry won 8-1 by winning the first 5 singles matches and sweeping the doubles. Varsity was led by Jordan Yeager and Brigham Welch who swept their opponents 6-0,6-0. Other singles winners were Kyle Vance, Brennan Sciascia and Cole McClure. Doubles winners were Vance/Sciascia, Yeager/ Slade Yeager and Welch/ Sebastian Chengattu. The JV swept Williams Field 9-0. The singles winners were Snideman, Wilson, Veloria, Durbin, Williams and Vo. The doubles winners were Snideman/Wilson, Durbin/Copic and Vo/Snechmann.
    4/4 #15 Perry went over to neighboring Queen Creek and won Varsity and JV by the same score of 9-0. Varsity winners were J. Yeager, Vance, Sciascia, Welch, McClure and Carpenter with Vance/Sciascia, Yeager/Yeager and Welch/Chengattu winning doubles. JV winners included Snideman, Wilson, Veloria, Durbin, Williams and Vo with doubles Snideman/Wilson, Vo/Zechmann and Copic/Williams. 
    4/1 #15 Perry played their 3rd match of a four game road trip at #8 Mountain View. This match came down to the very last match as Perry lost 5-4 in Varsity and JV. This was the second match that Perry played a top 10 team down to the last match losing earlier to #4 Red Mountain 5-4 also. Perry lost the first three singles matches and then won the next three singles matches led by Brigham Welch, Cole McClure and Sebastian Chengattu. Mountain View won 2 out of three doubles matches to win the match the lone win by the Yeager brothers. In one of the top matches #2 Kyle Vance lost the first set tie-breaker and had a chance to play three tie-breakers but could not hold his lead in the second set tie-breaker in a great match. The JV winners were Nhan Vo in singles and the three doubles teams of Snideman/Wilson, Veloria/Durbin and Vo/Williams. 
    3/31 Perry traveled to #9 Corona Del Sol and lost 8-1. #2 Kyle Vance had a chance to play a third set super tie-breaker but lost a hotly contested second set tie-breaker in a match that had both teams and parents on the edge of their seats. Cole McClure at #5 lost a third set super tie-breaker but teamed up with Sebastian Chengattu to win 8-6 at 3rd doubles to win the sole match for Perry. The JV lost 7-2 with wins by Slade Yeager at #1 singles and Grant Williams and Christian Copic at #3 doubles.
    3/29 Perry drove down south (2 miles) to Basha for the battle of "Val Vista". Perry came away a 9-0 winner at Varsity and 7-2 in JV matches. Brigham Welch playing #4 came back from a set down to win 6-0 in the second set and then won the 3rd set super tie-breaker. Then Slade Yeager, playing #6 for the first time, hung on to win the third set super tie-breaker suffering with shin splints. 
    #1 J. Yeager won 6-0,6-0
    #2 K. Vance won 6-1,6-2
    #3 B. Sciascia won 6-2,6-4
    #4 B. Welch won 5-7,6-0,10-5
    #5 C. McClure won 6-2,6-3
    #6 S. Yeager won 6-4,3-6,10-5
    #1 Doubles Vance/Sciascia won 8-4
    #2  Yeager/Yeager won 8-2
    #3 McClure/Chengattu won 9-8
    JV Winners- Carpenter, Snideman, Wilson, Veloria, Durbin, Williams. Doubles Snideman/Wilson, Copic/Williams and Vo/Zechmann 
    3/24 Perry traveled to Mesquite High for the first of 4 straight away matches. Perry Varsity and JV bounced back from a loss to win 9-0 in a strong showing.
    Chris Carpenter battling through some recent leg injuries came back and won a tight match at #6 singles. 
    #1 J. Yeager won 6-1,6-1
    #2 K. Vance won 6-4,6-3
    #3 B. Sciascia won 6-2,6-0
    #4 B. Welch won 6-0,6-2
    #5 C. McClure won 6-0,6-2
    #6 C. Carpenter won 7-5,6-2
    #1 Doubles Vance/Sciascia won 8-6
    #2 J. Yeager/S. Yeager won 8-0
    #3 McClure/Chengattu won 8-0
    JV winners- S. Yeager, Snideman, Wilson, Veloria, Durbin and Williams. Snideman/Wilson, Williams/Copic and Vo/Zechmann 
    3/22 Perry hosted #12 Desert Vista on a blustery day for all players. Unfortunately, Perry came up with the short straw even on the close matches losing 9-0. #1 Jordan Yeager lost in as tight a match you can play, losing 6-7, 7-6, 10-8 in three tiebreakers. Jordan had to default the doubles because of cramping in the grueling match. #6 Sebastian Chengattu won the first set 6-1, but lost the third set tie-breaker 11-9. Sebastian then teamed with Cole McClure at #3 doubles to lose another tough match 9-7. JV showed better losing 6-3 with wins by Aidan Snideman and Grant Williams in singles and Nhan Vo and Aidan Zechmann in doubles.
    Perry hosts Desert Vista 3/22 after spring break. 
    3/2 Perry hosted region rival Chandler High on Wednesday. Perry won 9-0 and raised their record to 2-1. Perry also won the JV match 9-0.
    J. Yeager 6-0, 6-0
    Vance 6-1, 6-1
    Sciascia 6-2, 6-1
    Welch 6-0, 6-0
    McClure 4-1 (retired by injury)
    Chengattu 6-0, 6-2
    Vance/Sciascia 8-1
    Yeager/ Welch 8-0
    McClure/ Chengattu 8-4
    JV Winners:
    TJ Wilson, Aidan Snideman, Zach Durbin, Nhan Vo, Grant Williams, Christian Copic and Wilson/ Snideman, Williams/Copic and Vo/Aidan Zechmann
    3/1 Perry hosted Highland and avenged last year's loss with a 7-2 win this year. In a twist of fortune, Kyle Vance played the same player he played the year before and instead of losing in a tie-breaker like last year, he won in the tie-breaker this year! The JV won again 6-2 with the last match again being called because of darkness.
    J. Yeager won 6-4, 6-2
    K. Vance won 5-7, 6-2, 10-8
    B. Sciascia won 6-2, 2-6, 10-8
    B. Welch won 6-1, 6-1
    C. McClure won 6-3, 6-3
    S. Chengattu lost 4-6, 4-6
    Vance/ Sciascia lost 4-8
    J. Yeager/ S. Yeager 8-2
    McClure/ Chengattu 8-4
    JV Winners: Slade Yeager, Aidan Snideman, Zach Durbin, Grant Williams, Nhan Vo and in doubles Wilson/ Snideman 
    Perry traveled to the two day East Valley Team Tennis Invitational 2/26 and 2/27. Perry played in the top Gold sectional round robin consisting of 4 doubles teams from each school. The #1 doubles match counted as 2 points and every other match counted as 1 point. Perry played well all weekend and beat the champion Mountain View in the round robin format. Perry only lost to Desert Vista 3-2 but did not qualify for the championship because of a point tiebreaker. Special congratulations to TJ Wilson and Aidan Snideman, playing in the first high school tournament, went undefeated in their 5 matches!!
    Perry 4-1 over Campo Verde
    Desert Mountain 3-2 over Perry
    Perry 5-0 over Highland
    Perry 3-2 over Mountain View
    Perry 3-2 over Basha
    Perry started their season 2/25 against a tough Red Mountain team. Last year the team lost 8-1, but this year the guys fought hard only to lose by the closest of margins 5-4. The #1 and #2 singles players for Perry, Jordan Yeager and Kyle Vance, started the team off strong with victories. They were followed by #5 Cole McClure in winning their matches in straight sets. Unfortunately, Cole and Sebastian Chengattu were the only doubles team to pull out a victory. The Perry JV team fared better winning 5-3 with one match stopped due to darkness. The winners in singles were: TJ Wilson, Oscar Veloria, Aidan Snideman, and Grant Williams. The doubles team of Grant Williams and Christian Copic secured the win for the team.
    Tennis Team tryouts were concluded on Friday and 26 players attended and played their hearts out. The attitudes and enthusiasm was great and I have to say again how much I appreciate the hard work they all put in this week. For those that did not make it this year, I hope you keep working at it as we had a player not make it last year and made the team this year!
     Thank you again, Coach Lennox 
    The following players made the team in alphabetical order. We will have practice Monday morning at 9 AM until 11 AM. Then Tuesday nite at 6:45 we will have a Parent's Meeting in the Auditorium at 6:45 and then a tennis meeting in F107 after a short talk by administration.
    First Name Last Name
    Christopher Carpenter
    Sebastian Chengattu
    Christian Copic
    Zach  Durbin
    Cole  McClure
    Brennan  Sciascia
    Aidan  Snideman
    Kyle  Vance
    Oscar  Veloria
    Nhan Vo
    Brigham Welch
    Grant Williams
    Thomas (TJ) Wilson
    Slade  Yeager
    Jordan  Yeager
    Aidan  Zechmann
    I look forward to a great year!!!
    Tennis Team meeting for ALL interested in trying out for the Tennis teams is Tuesday 1/26/16 right after school in room F107. After a short meeting we will have drop-in tennis weather permitting.
    Tryouts will be the week of Feb. 8th thru Feb. 12th. To be eligible to tryout EVERY PLAYER must turn in their Athletic Clearance packets to Mrs. Stall in the Athletic department from 1/27 until 2/5. Under NO circumstances will any player be allowed to practice, attend or tryout without the yellow clearance card given to you by Ms. Stall. Coaches will collect the yellow cards the first day of tryouts. The Athletic Clearance Packets can be accessed on-line at https://www.cusd80.com/Domain/3255, click on Athletics, go to Athletic Department, then click Online Athletic Clearance to begin process.
    We will be going over this again during the Tennis Meeting on the 26th. 
    Bring the following to practice:
    Tennis Rackets
    Proper Tennis shoes and clothes
    Water bottle (water provided)
    Yellow permission cards from Mrs. Stall 
    I look forward to seeing everyone and good luck!!
    Coach Lennox
    Perry Freshman End of Season Party!!
    The girls and boys Freshman teams got together 10/19 for a send-off to a great season. The party was hosted by the Breinholt family and included volleyball, soccer, a trampoline and great food! Bronson Patten's mom made a beautifully decorated tennis cake for the occasion!! It was delicious, thank you so much.
    Freshman Tennis
     Tennis Cake
    Perry Drop-In Tennis starts 10/27!!! 
    All Boys and Girls are welcome to come out Tuesday and Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 after school for fun tennis. Coach Lennox and Coach Castillo will be supervising the tennis. They will be overseeing singles and doubles matches getting ready for tryouts in February. This will go on every week except Holiday weeks. Attendance is not mandatory, so come as often as you would like!!
    2015 Freshman Tennis Updates: 
    10/1 Perry finished the season with a 6-5 winning record even though the team lost 9-0 to Hamilton. Overall a good season that not only had a winning record but were just a couple of games short of upsetting Desert Mountain in a thriller. Way to go Pumas!!
    Singles Records:
    Snideman 7-4
    Brown       6-5
    Copic        7-4
    Williams   7-4
    Breinholt   7-3
    Burgess     3-2
    Patten        2-5
    Doubles Records:
    Snideman/Brown 4-5
    Copic/Williams    5-5
    Breinholt              7-3
    Burgess                5-2
    Patten                   4-3
    Mathew                2-0
    Bousquet              1-0
    DeSousa               1-0 
    9/28 Perry plays their last match of the Freshman Season against Hamilton at 3:30 Oct. 1st at Perry High. Come out and cheer your friends and family!! 
    9/24 In the last match before Fall Break welcomed Basha to Perry and were not a very nice host winning 9-0!! The win raised the team record to 6-4. Perry played one of their best matches as a team beating their rival from down the street!
    #1 Snideman 8-1
    #2 Brown 8-1
    #3 Copic 8-2
    #4 Williams 8-2
    #5 Breinholt 8-1
    #6 Burgess 8-1
    Exh Bouquet 8-7 
    #1 Doubles Snideman/Brown 8-2
    #2 Doubles Copic/Williams 8-5
    #3 Doubles Breinholt/Burgess 8-2 
    9/23 Perry came home to face an outmanned Marcos De Niza and won 9-0 to raise their record to 5-4. Perry gave up only one game in singles winning 8-0 in 5 of the 6 singles matches. Then came back and won 8-0 at #1 Doubles. 
    #1 Snideman 8-0
    #2 Brown 8-1
    #3 Copic 8-1
    #4 Williams 8-0
    #5 Breinholt 8-0
    #6 Burgess default
    #1 Doubles Breinholt/Burgess 8-0
    #2 Doubles Patten/Mathew 8-3
    #3 Doubles Copic/Williams default
    9/22 Perry traveled to Chandler High and evened their record at 4-4 with a big win, 9-0!! Everyone won their matches handily, but Grant Williams at #4 and Adam Breinholt won their matches 8-0 respectively. Then Adam teamed with Michael Burgess to win 8-0 at #3 doubles. The other winners were:
    #1 Singles Aidan Snideman 8-4
    #2 Singles Connor Brown 8-4
    #3 Singles Christian Copic 8-3
    #4 Singles Grant Williams 8-0
    #5 Singles Adam Breinholt 8-0
    #6 Singles Micheal Burgess 8-3
    Exh: Ben Bousquet 8-1
             Bronson Patten 8-0
    #1 Doubles Snideman/Brown 8-1
    #2 Doubles Copic/Williams 8-1
    #3 Doubles Breinholt/Burgess 8-0
    Exh, Doubles Glen Mathew/Joel DeSousa 8-0 
    9/15 Perry had their rematch with Brophy and this time lost 8-1. Perry came back and won the third doubles match 6-4 with Adam Breinholt and Michael Burgess. Adam lost a hotly contested match 9-8 in a tie-breaker. It was the first win of the season for Michael.
    Perry travels to Chandler on Tuesday 9/22 and then back home Wednesday and Thursday against Marcos de Niza and Basha. 
    9/10 Perry's record fell to 3-3 after two weeks of hard fought tennis with a 5-4 loss to Desert Mountain. Perry led 4-2 after singles wins by #1 Aiden Snideman, #3 Christian Copic, #4 Grant Williams and #5 Adam Breinholt. The Pumas fought right down to the last match losing #1 Doubles 8-4, #2 Doubles 9-8 (lost in tiebreaker 8-6) and #3 Doubles 9-7. The team was disappointed but were complimented for their hard play and great efforts by the opposing team's players, coaches and parents!! 
    9/9 Perry welcomed Brophy Prep to Puma Nation and unfortunately took a 9-0 loss. Perry fought hard and had a few long matches but could not get over the hump. #5 Singles Adam Breinholt put up a huge battle only to lose 9-7. In one of the most entertaining matches, #2 Connor Brown ran down everything his opponent hit at him and survived many games at deuce only to fall 8-5 in one of the longest matches of the year. 
    9/8 After suffering their first loss of the season on Thursday to Corona Del Sol, 9-0, the team traveled to Notre Dame Prep for a Tuesday match-up. Perry came away with an 8-1 win. Perry was led by Aiden Snideman's comeback win. Being down 1-4, the 1st singles player won seven straight games to close out the match 8-4. Also moving up to #3 singles for the match, Adam Breinholt blanked his opponent 8-0. 
    1st Singles Snideman won 8-4
    2nd Singles Connor Brown won 8-3
    3rd Singles Breinholt won 8-0
    4th Singles Bronson Patten lost 2-8
    5th Singles Christian Copic won by def
    6th Singles Grant Williams won by def
    1st Doubles Snideman/Brown won 8-4
    2nd Doubles Copic/Williams won 8-2
    3rd Doubles Breinholt/Patten won by def
    Now the team stays home for Brophy and Desert Mountain Wednesday and Thursday. 

    9/3 Freshman Tennis has gotten off to a fast start this season with two 9-0 wins. First the team opened away at Marcos de Niza on Tuesday 9/1 and Perry had much more experience. All ten freshman got a win.


    1st Singles    Aiden Snideman won 8-0


    2nd Singles  Connor Brown won 8-0


    3rd Singles   Christian Copic won 8-0


    4th Singles   Grant Williams won 8-0


    5th Singles   Adam Breinholt won 8-1


    6th Singles   Bronson Patten won by def


    1st Doubles  Breinholt and Patten won 8-4


    2nd Doubles Michael Burgess and Ben Bousquet won 8-1


    3rd Doubles Glen Mathew and Joel DeSousa won by def




    On Wednesday the team traveled to Basha and won again 9-0 in a much tougher match.


    1st Singles Snideman won 8-4


    2nd Singles Brown won 8-6


    3rd Singles Copic won 8-4


    4th Singles Williams won 8-4


    5th Singles Breinholt won 8-0


    6th Singles Patten won 8-1


    Exhibition singles


    Burgess won 8-1


    Bousquet won 8-0


    1st Doubles Snideman/Brown won 8-4


    2nd Doubles Copic/Williams won 8-1


    3rd Doubles Breinholt/Patten won 8-2


    Exhibition Doubles


    Mathew/DeSousa won 8-4




    The team comes back home to play Corona Del Sol on Thursday 9/3 starting around 3:30. Come out and cheer the team on!!!

    Tennis Team Updates
    WIN AIA Scholar Athlete Recognition!!!! 
    The Perry High Men's Tennis Team won the AIA Scholar Athlete Award for a 3.704 team grade point average!!! Seven of nine players scored over a 3.5 GPA!! Congratulations to Samuel Lin, Cole McClure, Brennan Sciascia, Brigham Welch, Taylor Townsend, Mason LaRosa and Sebastian Chengattu for earning individual awards. Way to go guys!!!
    Going to State!! 
    After reaching all the goals set before the season started, the Perry Men's Tennis team season ended Tuesday night with a loss to #2 Desert Mountain 5-0. The #15 Perry also had individuals playing in the championships and had a great showing! Senior Samuel Lin won against Westwood 7-5, 6-1 only to run into the #1 seed from Horizon in the second round. Juniors Jordan Yeager and Kyle Vance advanced all the way to the Elite 8 with wins over Liberty and Desert Vista. Desert Vista had upset #7 Hamilton but the juniors from Perry dismantled them 6-4, 6-0. In their last match Yeager and Vance faced the #2 seed from Brophy and lost Friday night.
    Overall a great year with a look to the future as Perry only graduates Taylor Townsend and Samuel Lin. Perry will miss this them terribly as besides being great teammates and young men they won a combined 35 team matches this year!!! Thank you for helping to grow Perry Tennis to their highest finish in Division 1 history!!!
    Tennis Team Results 
    #16 Perry played their last regular season match beating #19 Skyline 8-1 in an away match. Playing without an ill senior Taylor Townsend, the Pumas clinched the match winning 5 of the 6 singles matches. Subbing for Townsend at #4 singles, Brigham Welch lost in a third set super tiebreaker. Freshman Cole McClure played at sixth singles and clinched the match with a win in the third set super tiebreaker. Perry went on to sweep the three doubles matches led by Jordan Yeager and Kyle Vance. Perry finished the season with a 9-5 record.
    Perry won their last home match of the year with a 9-0 win by both the Varsity and JV squads. Seniors Samuel Lin and Taylor Townsend playing in their last home match of their high school careers as well as sophomore Brigham Welch won 6-0, 6-0. #1 Jordan Yeager won 6-2, 6-0 in his second match back after being out for five weeks.Townsend teamed with Brennan Sciascia and the team of Lin and Welch both won their doubles matches 8-0.
    Big thanks to Samuel and Taylor for all their hard work playing for the Pumas! 
    Perry was visited by #4 ranked Corona Del Sol and lost 8-1. Samuel Lin and Brigham Welch teamed up at #3 doubles and won 8-1 to salvage a point for the Pumas. Perry played well in other matches but could not break through on the scoreboard. The JV was outgunned 9-0 in their match with #1 singles Cole McClure losing 9-8 after being up 7-2. Perry (7-5) will play their last home match against Desert Ridge tomorrow.
    #15 Perry traveled to the Hamilton/Chandler Invitational. Over two days, six times Perry was undefeated against five teams only to lose to Hamilton in the final match of the seven team event. Taylor Townsend, Brigham Welch, Brennan Sciascia and Sebastian Chengattu all finished with Silver medals in singles competition. The second day, Townsend and Sciascia won the Silver at #2 doubles and then Chengattu teamed with Cole McClure to secure Silver medals at #3 doubles.
    The six medal count was second only to #3 ranked Hamilton. 
    Perry High Varsity and JV both won 9-0 against Mesa High. Perry did not lose a set and ran their record to 7-4. The only losses Perry has suffered have been to top 10 ranked teams in the state. Perry is currently ranked 16th.
    Match Results:
    #1- Kyle Vance 6-3,6-1
    #2- Samuel Lin 6-2,6-1
    #3- Taylor Townsend 6-2,6-3
    #4- Brigham Welch 6-1,6-1
    #5- Brennan Sciascia 6-0,6-2
    #6- Cole McClure 6-1,6-1
    #1 Doubles Vance/Lin 8-1
    #2 Doubles Townsend/Sciascia 9-8(7-4)
    #3 Doubles McClure/Chengattu 8-4
    #15 Perry traveled to #4 Red Mountain and lost 8-1 in a well played match. Brigham Welch, down a set, fought back and went to a third set tiebreaker where he lost 10-7. Brennan Sciascia lost his match in a 8-6 tiebreaker. Then freshman Cole McClure and Sebastian Chengattu teamed up to win #3 doubles 8-5. JV fared much better having two chances to win, but lost 5-4. Slade Yeager won his singles 8-0 and then teamed up with Oscar Veloria to win 8-0.
    #14 Perry High came back from a disappointing loss on Tuesday to win at #19 Mesquite High 7-2. Perry clinched the win with 5 wins in singles and finished the match with two doubles wins. Taylor Townsend was down a set and came back and won the super tiebreaker for the third set. Perry was missing their #1 and #4 players but showed their depth winning at #5 and #6 singles and #3 doubles. The JV blanked Mesquite 9-0.
    Score Results:
    #1- Kyle Vance lost 1-6,1-6
    #2- Samuel Lin won 6-2,6-1
    #3- Taylor Townsend won 2-6,6-4, 1-0 (10-5)
    #4- Brennan Sciascia won 6-4,6-4
    #5- Sebastian Chengattu won 6-1,6-0
    #6- Cole McClure won 6-1,6-4
    #1 Doubles- Vance/Lin won 8-4
    #2 Doubles- Townsend/Sciascia lost 8-3
    #3 Doubles- Chengattu/McClure won 8-6  
    Perry Varsity lost a grueling match to Highland High 6-3. After winning the first sets at #1 and #5 singles easily, the Perry boys lost two incredibly close third set tiebreakers that turned the match in Highland's favor. Kudos to Taylor Townsend and Brigham Welch who won their matches convincingly.
    The JV lost also in a close 5-4 match. Slade Yeager, Chris Carpenter and Oscar Veloria lead the team in wins.
    Score Results:
    #1- Kyle Vance lost 1-6, 6-2, 1-0 (10-3)
    #2- Samuel Lin lost 6-4,6-2
    #3- Taylor Townsend won 6-4,6-1
    #4- Brigham Welch won 6-0,6-1
    #5- Brennan Sciascia lost 2-6,7-6,1-0 (11-9)
    #6- Sebastian Chengattu lost 6-4,6-3
    #1 Doubles- Vance/Lin lost 8-3
    #2 Doubles- Townsend/Sciascia won 9-7
    #3 Doubles- Welch/Cole McClure lost 8-5
    Perry traveled to Casa Grande and won 9-0 in Varsity and JV. Perry will be back home Tuesday against Highland.
    Score Results:
    #1- Kyle Vance 6-0,6-0
    #2- Samuel Lin 6-0,6-0
    #3- Taylor Townsend 6-2,6-0
    #4- Brigham Welch 6-0,6-0
    #5- Brennan Sciascia 6-0,6-1
    #6- Sebastian Chengattu won by default
    #1 Doubles Vance/ Lin 8-0
    #2 Doubles Townsend/ Sciascia 8-0
    #3 Doubles Welch/ Cole McClure 8-0
    JV results were highlighted by wins by Christopher Carpenter (8-1) and Oscar Veloria (8-2). 
    #12 Perry traveled to Chandler High and came home with a 8-1 win for the Varsity and the JV blanked Chandler 9-0. Without their top player Perry had a very successful week winning twice and only losing to the #6 ranked team in the state. With every player moving up one spot to fill-in, Perry had to show some of their depth. 
    Score Results:
    #1- Kyle Vance lost 5-7,1-6
    #2- Samuel Lin won 6-4,6-0
    #3- Taylor Townsend won 6-2,6-2
    #4- Brigham Welch won 6-2,6-0
    #5- Brennan Sciascia won 6-0,6-0
    #6- Sebastian Chengattu won 6-2,6-0
    #1 Doubles- Vance and Lin won 8-4
    #2 Doubles- Townsend and Sciascia won 8-2
    #3 Doubles- Chengattu and Cole McClure won 8-4
    JV winners included Slade Yeager, Oscar Veloria, Chris Carpenter, TJ Wilson, Riley Holbrook, Max Beasley and Nhan Vo. 
    #11 ranked Perry (3-2) lost to #6 Hamilton 8-1 in a tough match for the Pumas. Senior Taylor Townsend won his first match ever against Hamilton 6-4, 6-2 at #3 singles. Perry JV lost 9-0 to Hamilton's JV. Perry plays at Chandler on Thursday afternoon.
    Perry Varsity (3-1) beat Gilbert High 6-3 in the first match back from spring break. Kyle Vance lost at #1 singles, but #2,3,4 and 5 singles all won easily. Sebastian Chengattu lost 10-8 in the third set tie-breaker at #6 singles in a close match. Perry won two out of three doubles matches to clinch the victory. Perry JV was led by Nhan Vo winning 8-0 in singles as the team won 9-0.
    Score Results:
    #1-Vance lost 0-6,0-6
    #2- Samuel Lin won 6-1,6-4
    #3- Taylor Townsend won 6-2,6-3
    #4- Brigham Welch won 6-0,6-1
    #5- Brennan Sciascia won 6-0,6-1
    #6- Sebastian Chengattu lost 2-6,6-4, 10-8(tiebreaker)
    #1 Doubles Vance and Lin lost 2-8
    #2 Doubles Townsend and Sciascia won 8-1
    #3 Doubles Cole McClure and Chengattu won 8-3 
    Perry Varsity and JV won 9-0 versus Dobson. Jordan Yeager, Kyle Vance, Samuel Lin, Taylor Townsend, Brigham Welch and Brennan Sciascia all won in straight sets in Singles. In Doubles the teams of Brennan Sciascia/Taylor Townsend, Cole McClure/Sebastian Chengattu and TJ Wilson/Mason LaRosa all won. Dobson was shorthanded and the Perry JV won all their singles and doubles thanks to Chengattu, McClure and Oscar Veloria in singles and  Max Beasley and Nhan Vo in doubles.
    Congrats to Cole, Sebastian and TJ for winning their first Varsity matches!!! 
    Perry Varsity lost a tough match with highly ranked Desert Vista 8-1. Perry's Brennan Sciascia won 6-3, 6-3 in a tough match having to move up a spot because of illness. Sebastian Chengattu was pressed into Varsity service and played well losing in a tiebreaker third set.
    Perry JV played extremely well and showed how deep this team is by winning 7-2. The future looks bright for Perry Tennis! 
    2/27 and 2/28/15
    Perry finished in 3rd Place in the six team Gold Pool in the East Valley Team Tennis Invitational. Perry lost to Desert Vista and Corona Del Sol but beat Basha, Williams Field and Mountain View. Last year Perry lost in the finals to Williams Field in the Silver Pool 3-2. This year Perry moved up to the Gold Pool and avenged that loss with a 5-0 score! Congrats to senior Samuel Lin and his partners at #3 doubles senior Mason LaRosa and sophomore Brigham Welch for winning 4 matches this weekend!
    Congrats to also, Jordan Yeager and Kyle Vance at #1 doubles, Taylor Townsend and Brennan Sciascia at #2 doubles and Cole McClure and Sebastian Chengattu at #4 doubles for winning crucial points this weekend. 
    Perry 7 vs. Basha 2 Varsity 
    Jordan Yeager Perry def. Brown 6-2, 6-1
    Kyle Vance Perry def. Thompson 6-0, 6-1
    Samuel Lin Perry def. Puenetti 7-6 (4), 6-3
    Taylor Townsend Perry def. Harris 6-0, 6-4
    Witter Basha def. Mason LaRosa 6-0, 6-1
    Cole Basha def. Brennan Sciascia 6-2, 2-6, 10-7 tiebreaker
    Yeager/Vance def. Brown/Puenetti 8-0
    Townsend/Sciascia def. Harris/Witter 8-4
    Lin/LaRosa def. Jake/Peter M. 8-0
    Perry JV also won 8-1 as McClure, Veloria, Carpenter, Slade Yeager, Holbrook all won in singles. In doubles, Chengattu/McClure, Veloria/Wilson and Beasley/Vo all won their matches.
    Perry avenged last years loss to Basha with a big win in the first match of the year!! 
    2015 Varsity/JV Team Picture 
    2015 Boys Tennis Team Photo
     Front Row: Brigham Welch, Samuel Lin, Mason LaRosa, Chris Carpenter, Nhan Vo, Oscar Veloria
    Second Row: Taylor Townsend, Slade Yeager, TJ Wilson, Riley Holbrook, Taylor LeSueur, Zach Durbin
    Back Row: Coach Lennox, Cole McClure, Kyle Vance, Jordan Yeager, Sebastian Chengattu, Brennan Sciascia, Max Beasley
    Perry Varsity/JV Boys Tennis Team Schedule 2015 
    Please note the Basha match on 3/17 has been moved to 2/26!!!! 





    East Valley Tennis Invite

    Gene Autry



    Desert Vista




















    Chandler Away 3:30  


    Casa Grande





    Home 3:30  






    Red Mountain








    Corona Home 3:30  


    Desert Ridge                       Home              3:30


    Chandler/Hamilton Invite                         TBD

             4/21 Skyline                                  Away               3:30
    4/24-25, 5/1-2 Individual/Doubles State                           TBD
    4/29, 5/5, 5/8-9  Team State                                                   TBD


    Perry High School New Boys Tennis Coach - Tom Lennox

    The Perry Athletic department would like to announce the addition of Tom Lennox as the new Boys Tennis Coach for the 2014-15 school year.  Tom was born and raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He attended Cherry Hill East High and was undefeated for his four years on the tennis team. From there Tom received a scholarship to play at Iowa State University where he became captain, #1 in singles and doubles and leader in wins for four years straight.  Since college, Tom has played tennis representing the Southwest Region in the USTA Nationals and other teams in the Midwest. He also coached his daughter through junior tennis, high school tennis and, as a scholarship player at Truman State University in Missouri. After 32 years in business management, Tom retired and volunteered as the Perry Girl’s Assistant Coach for the 2014 Tennis season. Tom met his wife, Jeri, on the tennis court. They have a beautiful daughter, son-in-law and three grandkids. Coach Lennox can be reached at talennox58@gmail.com.
    2013-2014 Season
    Congratulations to the boys' tennis team for taking second place at the 2014 East Valley Invitational and at the Chandler-Hamilton Invitational.  Medal winners at the Chandler-Hamilton tournament were: Brennan Sciascia - gold medal in singles; silver medal in doubles,
    Kyle Vance - gold medal in singles; silver medal in doubles, Austin Stradling - silver medal in doubles, Brigham Welch - silver medal in doubles, Taylor Townsend - silver medal in singles, Jordan Yeager - silver medal in singles.
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