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    Position: Graphic Design Teacher

    Team/Department: CTE

    Room: F404

    Phone: (480) 224-3080

    Email: Mr. Steven Adams BFA, M.Ed.

    Mr. Steven Adams BFA, M.Ed.

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    Welcome to the exciting world of graphic design! In this high school class, we will embark on a creative journey that combines artistry and technology to communicate visually in impactful ways. Whether you have a passion for digital art, typography, branding, or visual storytelling, this course is designed to nurture your creativity and develop your skills in graphic design.

    Throughout the semester, we will explore the fundamental principles of design, learning how to use colors, shapes, lines, and textures to convey messages and evoke emotions. We will delve into the power of composition and layout, understanding how to arrange elements to create visually compelling designs.

    In our hands-on projects, you will have the opportunity to unleash your imagination and apply your newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios. From designing eye-catching logos and posters to crafting engaging social media graphics, you will discover how to captivate audiences and make your designs stand out.

    Furthermore, we will explore industry-standard software and tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, equipping you with the technical skills needed to bring your creative visions to life. You will gain proficiency in software like Photoshop and Illustrator, enabling you to manipulate images, create vector graphics, and produce professional-grade designs.

    By the end of this class, you will have a solid foundation in graphic design principles, a portfolio of your own creations, and the confidence to pursue further studies or even a career in this dynamic field. So, get ready to unlock your artistic potential, unleash your imagination, and embark on an exciting journey into the world of graphic design!

    My Education and Professional Background

    About Me

    Hello, My name is Mr. Steve Adams and I have been teaching since 1992. Every year I look forward to the new school year and all of the new faces that come through the door of my classroom. Currently, I am teaching Graphic Design 1 & 2 at Perry High School. My goal in each class is to challenge all students to go beyond what they already know and to grow as artists / creators. This requires hard work, dedication and focus, but in the end it is rewarding to see the results.


    Senior Year 1983 - Dobson high SchoolMy family moved to Arizona in 1976 from California. I had a brief visit to Mississippi before starting my sixth grade year at Holdeman Elementary School in Tempe. I finished out the Sixth Grade Alma Elementary School in Mesa where my family built a brand new home. I attended Rhodes Junior High and then to Dobson High School where I graduated in 1984. At Dobson, I participated in various clubs and activities, including Art Club, Spirit Club, Literary Magazine and the Mayors Youth Committee. I was also a manager for my high school football team, which led me to ASU.

    College YearsSun Devil Football Manager

    I started attending college at Arizona State in the fall of 1984, where I received a Scholarship to work with the ASU Football team as a field manager. I spent four seasons there until 1989, when I graduated with a BFA in Art Education.I started working towards my Masters degree in 1990. When I started teaching in 1992, I slowed down a little to focus on my career and finished my Masters in Educational Media and Computers in 1999. I currently continue to take courses and participate in professional development to improve myself in the classroom and my knowledge base for my students.

    My Family

    I live with my wife Crystal in a modest home in Ahwatukee where we plan on retiring together. We were married in February of 2018 in Las Vegas. 

    I have two children, Jared and Ethan. They both graduated from Mountain Pointe High School. My oldest, Jared, is studying to be an Audio Engineer CRAS. My youngest, Ethan, just graduated from high school and is trying to figure out his next step. They are my pride and joy, the highlight of my life. They are five years apart, and I can always count on them to teach me something new every day. 

    We love animals in our family. We have two rescue dogs named Samson and Molly. Molly is a Shepard mix and Samson is a Belgian Malinois. We also have a cat named Maggie. She is also a rescue from the animal shelter in Phoenix. 

    My Educational Philosophy

    I teach mainly studio or lab based classes. A tremendous amount of work goes into the prep and planning for these classes over the summer, during breaks and at night before the next school day starts. I believe that students cannot learn if they don't have the opportunity to explore and participate in the process for themselves. I do not lecture much, rather I demonstrate and give students the guidance they need in class to be successful. Rather than being the "Sage on the stage", I am a "guide on the side."

    I also believe that failure is a part of being successful. I know that some students will not do everything correctly the very first time and I never punish them for it. Rather, I expect students to turn failure into success, turn it around and try again until success comes. When we are faced with failure in class as well as in life, we must pick ourselves up and persevere through difficulty. Every student has the capacity to do anything they set their mind to do. Finding the patients and energy to do what's necessary is the challenge.

    Thomas Edison once said...

    "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"

    I expect my students not to give up and keep trying, even when faced with initial failure. Asking for help, working with others and doing their best, is always the best remedy. I make it possible for students to succeed in my classrooms if they work hard and don't give up.