• Ryan Meza interviews Unified Sports: Coach Rose Escalante, athletes & partners. March 2022

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    Promoting Social Inclusion Through Sports

    What is Unified Sports? In June of 2011, a partnership was formed between Special Olympics Arizona and the Interscholastic Association (AIA) with the sole purpose of building a state-wide Unified Sports system. Unified Sports is an exclusive program that combines students with intellectual disabilities (athletes) and students with non-intellectual disabilities (partners) into sports teams   for training and competition.                                                                                                                                                   


    How do I join Unified Sports as a Partner(non intellectual disabilities)? First, you can either download or pick up a Partner application in C114. The application will help determine which sports you are interested in playing. We usually have a lot of students who want to sign up to become a Partner than we have space for. I will review your application and try to accommodate your top choices. I cannot guarantee a spot, so you may be placed on a waiting list. Please keep in mind this is a sport and not a club.


    How do I join Unified Sports as an Athlete?(intellectual disabilities) Parents can email Head Coach for more information. escalante.rose@cusd80.com


    Athletic Forms and Physicals: All participants must complete "Register My Athlete".  registermyathlete.com


    Athletic Fee: There is a $60 sports fee for all athletes and partners, whether you play one sport or all four sports. The fee goes into the Unified Sports program to pay for Unified T-Shirts, uniforms, snacks, lunch for tournaments, end of the year sports celebration and help with any equipment we may need to buy.