• Ryan Meza interviews Unified Sports: Coach Rose Escalante, athletes & partners. March 2022

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    Promoting Social Inclusion Through Sports

    What is Unified Sports? In June of 2011, a partnership was formed between Special Olympics Arizona and the Interscholastic Association (AIA) with the sole purpose of building a state-wide Unified Sports system. Unified Sports is an exclusive program that combines students with intellectual disabilities (athletes) and students with non intellectual disabilities (partners) on Sports teams   for training and competition.                                                                                                                                                   

     How do I join Unified Sports as a Partner(non intellectual disabilities)? First, you can either download or pick up a Partner application in C114. The application will help determine which sports you are interested in playing. We usually have quit a bit of students who want to sign up to become a Partner than we have space for. I will review your application and try to accommodate your top choices. I cannot guarantee a spot so you may be placed on a waiting list. Please keep in mind this is a sport and not a club.


    How do I join Unified Sports as an Athlete?(intellectual disabilities) Parents can email Head Coach for more information.

    Athletic Forms and Physicals: All participants must complete "Register My Athlete". 

     Athletic Fee: There is a $60 sports fee for all athletes and partners, whether you play one sport or all four sports. The fee goes into the Unified Sports program to pay for Unified T-Shirts, uniforms, snacks, lunch for tournaments, end of year sports banquet and help with any equipment we may need to buy.