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Position: Beginning, Advanced, Commercial, and AP 2D Studio Photography; Photo Club; Indigenous Student Club; 9-12
Room: D 100  Google Classroom
Phone: 480-224-2954
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This program provides students with unique learning opportunities that include how to work the manual operations of a 35mm single lens reflex camera; make silver gelatin prints from contact objects and negatives; make cyanotypes and other 19 century processes; alter negatives for creative expression; make a pinhole camera and use other cameraless techniques; run a photography business; make, edit, organize, and print digital photographs; submit a college level portfolio; and work with clients.

My Education and Professional Background

I attained my Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography with a minor in Women, Gender, and Cultural Studies from Arizona State University in 2010. In 2014 I graduated from ASU again but this time with my Master of Education in Secondary Education with a specialization in Pre k-12th grade art. In the summer of 2018 I finished my Master of Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Hartford where I focused on fibers, poetry, and photography. In this program I traveled across the Americas to learn local and indigenous traditions. I have an SEI endorsement and am also CTE certified.

My Educational Philosophy

Inquiry is the process of investigation, exploration, search, quest, research, pursuit, and study that engages, interests, and challenges students to make connections with their own world in an individual or guided social atmosphere. Art inquiry creates thoughtful examiners who seek new information about themselves, others, and the world by problem posing and solving through art making, criticism, and evaluation. These abilities lead to the transfer of knowledge, conceptual & intuitive development, and new questions through metacognition. Students who engage in art inquiry have the opportunity to develop the tools necessary find their place and voice in the world. In an art classroom that values inquiry students are encouraged and even required to take risks, explore, fail, and develop habits of mind. It is my job to facilitate this process.

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