• About Caroline Hall...

    Position: Environmental Science

    Team/Department: Science

    Room: F211

    Phone: 224-2981

    Email: Caroline Hall

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    My name is Caroline Hall, and I’d like to welcome you to Environmental Science!

    I have two adult children living at home while they go to college. My daughter, Payton, is 23 and studying Accounting. My son, Brady, is 22 and studying Cyber Security. Our home also contains a small menagerie of fur babies with five dogs and two cats. At this point, I consider pet hair an accessory.

    I love learning new things, curling up with a good book, going on walks, coming home to a clean house (this is an extremely rare phenomenon), spending time with my kids, napping with the doggos, decorating with other people’s money, clever comedians, and travel destination daydreaming. I don’t love wimpy hairbands, selfish people, swimsuit shopping, books that end in a cliffhanger, papers I can’t read, and the ramifications of my favorite foods.

    My Education and Professional Background

     I began my professional career in higher education, but I have been teaching since 2005. I have been lucky to teach many different grade levels and students in my 19 years of teaching. My first teaching job was as a first-grade teacher in the Mesa School District. After two years at Mesa, I moved to Gilbert to be in the same district as my children. At GPS, I taught fifth grade for a few years before switching to teaching 4th-6th ALP (gifted). I came to Chandler in 2015 to teach 6th-grade CATS (gifted) and moved to Perry in 2020 to teach Environmental Science.

    My Educational Philosophy

    I believe in the importance of Environmental Science and the importance of preserving our home for those that come after us. I hope you feel the same!