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Position: English 11AP
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Welcome to Perry High School and my class! I have dedicated numerous years of my life doing what I love, which is teaching students. Perry High School is a wonderful place to work; there is no better school in the state, with excellent staff and students.

My Education and Professional Background

I received my BA and MA in Education from the University of Arizona. I have taught for 41 years, spanning the state of Arizona. I began teaching elementary and junior high in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I then moved to the Phoenix Valley, teaching at Connolly Middle School and McClintock High School before I was part of the original teachers to help open the best school in the state: Perry High. During the course of my teaching career, I have also earned a gifted endorsement in English as well as an EL endorsement. In 2012 I was named an Ambassador for Excellence by the Arizona Education Foundation, a finalist for Arizona Teacher of the Year. It was an exciting year of speaking engagements, meeting other educators, and travelling around the state.

My Educational Philosophy

The profession of teaching is a shared relationship between teacher and student. I unabashedly celebrate my students' successes. I look for these moments to occur and relish the opportunity to share my happiness at their achievement. Whether it is in the form of a quick note on a returned paper, a round of applause in the classroom, a private chat in the hallway, or a phone call home, I let my students know how proud I am of them. After all, I spend the majority of my time doing something that is difficult enough to any student's psyche: I am constantly evaluating their written communication. But, if I have set the tone of my classroom to be one of respect, warmth, and a sense of community, when they receive papers that have been graded and indicate a need for improvement, they will understand that my constructive criticism comes from the most genuine of desires to help them become the best writer possible.

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