• 2022 Perry High School Registration:

    Virtual Parent Curriculum Night:

    January 20th @6pm


    Please Note:  Before registering, please check accreditation of current school confirming core credits will be accepted.  Thank you.

    Students are able to create their class schedule through the Online Registration process.

    Registration will be available January 10th through February 7th. 

    Online Registration Process using the Infinite Campus App  (Printable PDF)

    1. Log into Infinite Campus Portal
    2. Click on:  on the top left corner.
    3. Click on: More
    4. Click on: Course Registration   

    For next school year, all students can register at Perry or at Chandler Online Academy (COA). Students can enroll full time at Perry, taking 6 Classes, or full time at COA taking 6 Classes there, or a combination. For example, you can do 5 classes at Perry and 1 at COA, 4 at Perry and 2 at COA, 3 and 3, 2 and 4 or 1 at Perry and 5 at COA. Not all classes requested at COA may be available. We encourage you to enroll at Perry whenever possible. Those enrolled in between 4-6 classes at COA will be considered full time COA students and will have a COA Counselor.  

    1. Click on: 202X - PHS - Regular
    2. Click on: Add Course
    3. Click on: Search Course

    Type in the name of the course in the search field.  Any part of the name will show up in the list.  If you have the course number, you can search by that as well. Click on the course to see course description

    1. Click on + sign to the left, Click “Request”. Request A and B.
    2. Once requested, Click “Back”. When you have 6 classes you are done
    3. Remember, add both semesters for each class (A and B) for example Eng100A and Eng100B

    Please DO NOT add Alternate classes, only submit the 6 classes in which you want to enroll

    Seniors who are on track to graduate may take 4 classes. This is only an option senior year. To add a 5th and 6th hour release you must add “No Class 5” and “No Class 6”, both A and B.

    Once you return to the previous page (Back), they will see the number of units requested, percent complete, and requested courses. Sem. classes = 2 units. Year-long class (both A and B) = 4 units

    • Future 9th-11th graders – When you are done enrolling in 6 classes, you will have 24 Units. Each year long class is 4 Units. 6x4=24. Your requests will be yellow. If you have 86% you are done.
    • 28 Units is for students wanting a “0” Zero hour.
    • Students taking 7 classes, 6 classes and a 0 hour will have 28 units
    • LDS students: Please enroll in 5 classes at Perry + Release Time RLT100A/B (Seminary) and 1 class at COA. You will have 24 units at Perry. 2 units at COA.
    • Units at COA will not be added to units at Perry. You need a combined 6 classes total

    If you wants to remove a previously requested class, you can click on the class and then click at the bottom of the screen where it says “delete request” Click Back to delete another class

    Some classes are not available for enrollment online now: Locker and Student Aide. Counselors will add those for you when we meet. Log off- Thank-you.