• Test (assessments), are intended to measure students knowledge or other abilities through-out high school.
    Most colleges require some type of entrance test too. Additionally, test results can be used by colleges to determine eligibility for scholarships or award college credit. 

    A college-bound youth should begin preparing for postsecondary education and beyond while they are still in high school by: 

    • Selecting appropriate classes
    • Earning good Grades
    • Preparing for college SAT and ACT entrance exams.
    • Prepare for AP exams
    college testing

    ACT for Seniors - Tuesday, October 20, 2020 = Late Start for Grades 9-11


    No zero hour for all grade levels.



    If you have an English class on campus, you will complete the ACT Pre-ad this week (October 13-16) with your English 12 class. If you have already taken English 12 or are taking it with COA, please stop by Mrs. Cagle’s office (counseling wing, front office) to be sure she has your name. Those students without an English class will be called out of class to complete the ACT pre-ad sometime this week. Please keep the “Taking the ACT Test” booklet you receive during pre-ads. It has great information about receiving test scores, where to access practice tests, calculator policy, ect.


    * EVIT students - 11th and 12th grades, your absence from EVIT will be excused that day.


    Test Day:

    ·         Please bring a valid picture ID

    ·         Calculators are optional.  If you do bring one make sure it’s on the approved list. www.act.org/calculator-policy.html

    ·         Masks need to be worn for the duration of the test

    ·         Leave electronics (cell phone, smart watches, laptops, etc.) turned off and placed in your backpack, and stored at the front of the classroom

    ·         Snack/water can be stored underneath your desk during testing and is only accessible during snack time (one snack break between tests 2 and 3).

    ·         You will be released for lunch, 11:15 – 11:45 AM

    ·         2nd hour starts at 11:50 AM.

    Grades 9-11 will have a late start of 11:50 AM. It will be an even numbered block day. No lunch for grades 9-11. Transportation will run for the late start students. Add 4 ½  hours to your normal bus departure time.