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Position: Spanish Teacher / High School
Room: C409  Google Classroom
Phone: (480)224-3129
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Bienvenidos/Welcome to Señor Diaz Spanish class 2020-2021 school year. I am from Venezuela and Spanish is my first language. I want to bring the Spanish Language to Perry High School on four important subjects Vocabulary, Grammar, Culture, and Communication. In addition, I will bring a different tool on how to learn another language that will prepare students for the future career or open other doors on how to learn other languages than Spanish and English.

My Education and Professional Background

I have a Bilingual Education and Spanish degree from University of Arizona.·Certified in Spanish High School Subject.·For six years, I have taught Spanish classes in the college level at University of Arizona. I have been teaching Spanish in High School for 4 years·This is my second year at Perry High School.

My Educational Philosophy

Mr. Diaz likes to see the most effort from the students to try to learn another language. I believe it is my job to teach foreign language in a way that is meaningful to the students everyday world. I want to make my students aware that language is a key to unlock other cultures. Understanding another culture broadens perspectives, opens up minds, and empowers students to succeed and take part as responsible citizens in the world. I also believe that every student learns differently, therefore, differentiating the material is essential in every lesson. Learning through movement, art, music, and visuals helps all students have a chance to grasp concepts they might not understand through lecture/note methods of teaching. I believe that laughter and games are a natural part of a foreign language classroom because, as they learn things that most of them have never been exposed.

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