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    Welcome to the BHS Bookstore!
    We provide student services, such as paying fees including extra curricular as well as class fees, and purchasing dance tickets, yearbooks and parking passes.  Currently, we are located in room F1, which is at the bottom of the center staircase in the F Building, just across the way from the Cafeteria.  Traditionally it's been difficult to find, however, we are working hard to become more visible. 
    Great things are happening these days!  We are starting to set up the BHS Webstore to allow some purchases to be made from the convenience of home.  It'll take time to get all services available, however, we welcome your feedback on those items you look for most.  Please follow the link in the left hand navigation bar to visit the store.
    Our on campus hours of operation are 7:00 am to 3:00pm daily.  Students may come before and after school, and during their lunch only.  In order to minimize disruptions to class, we won't see students during regular class times.  EVIT students may stop by the Bookstore at 10:30 as they leave campus and as long as they show their ID indicating EVIT Release.  Parents are welcome throughout the day, however, we will close to make a run to the bank.  It's best to call ahead and set a meeting time at 480.224.2265.
    Please don't confuse the Student Services Bookstore with the Grizzly Shack.  The Grizzly Shack is a Student Store that offers some Basha Gear as well as snacks and drinks you won't find in the Cafeteria.  They are run by our Small Based Enterprise Class and are only open during 4th hour - which means all three lunches, with the exception of Thursday block day. This is not where you buy yearbooks or pay class fees.
    Thank you!
    Carol Skocypec
    BHS Bookstore Manager