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    Basha High School Parking Permit Information



    The online Parking Permit Application will be right here when it opens for 24-25!


       We will begin selling parking passes for 2024-2025 on Thursday, July 11th for Seniors and July 12th for Juniors!  Sophomores must wait until Oct 8th, 2024 to apply. If you apply before your scheduled date, your application will be moved to the bottom of the stack on the proper day for processing.  Please know your license plate number and have photos of your Driver's License and CURRENT proof of insurance before beginning the application.  You MUST have your license to apply (permits not accepted).  You will be notified via email if something is not correct on your application.  Your application will not be processed until all information is uploaded and correct.  
    PARKING SPOTS WILL BE ASSIGNED again this year.  You may ONLY park in your assigned spot.  The number on your hanging tag will be the spot number you are to park in.
    Student parking is in the large lot off of Riggs Road closest to the football field.  
    All CUSD schools have assigned parking.  
    If you enter campus at Black Hills, students must turn LEFT into the student lot.  The spots to the right near the auditorium and K building are designated staff parking.  Students may NOT park in the lot off Val Vista, as that is reserved for staff and library customers.  Students may not park at Mesquite Groves Pool as that is private property.  Please only park in your assigned spot.
    Please click the link above to access the online parking pass application. The parking permit application is online only, and no paper copies will be accepted.  The parking pass application is a google form this school year, so you will need to use your school gse account or any gmail account to fill it out.  You must complete the application completely, including license plate numbers and uploading a picture of your driver's license and CURRENT proof of insurance.   If an underclassman submits an application prior to their allowed date, that application will be moved to the bottom of the stack to be processed.  *Students MUST have their driver's license (NOT PERMIT) to be able to purchase a parking pass. You will receive an email confirming that your application has been received, and a second one when your application has been approved.  Those emails will contain information about the next steps to obtain your tag. 
    Parking pass fees will be $80 for the school year, and can be paid through the parent portal.  Please allow 2-3 business days for the application to be approved and the fee to be added to your portal.  Students may pick up their tags on July 15th or 16th during regualr bookstore hours (7-3), or they may wait until school begins to pick up their tags.  Bookstore will accept cash, check, or card payments if you want to pay in-person and is open to students before school, during lunch, and after school once school begins.  
    Security will begin checking for parking tags on July 29, 2024.  
    We understand that it will take some time for all students to get used to the new process.  Please be patient for the first few days.  Security will be checking that the car tag # and spot # match starting on 7/29/24.  If someone has parked in your spot, please NOTIFY A SECURITY GUARD and give them your spot information.  The security guard will let you know what to do with your car in this situation.  Security will also tag the car parked in the wrong spot and keep a log of all cars tagged.  An administrator will assign consequences to repeat offenders. 


    •  Students may park ONLY in their designated spot in the student parking lot.  Students may NOT park at Mesquite Groves pool, in the lot off of Val Vista drive, or in the reserved staff parking areas off of Black Hills Dr.
    • Parking tags must be visible in the vehicle at all times.  Parking tags hang from the rear view mirror. If you take an alternate car, please move the tag to that car.   
    • Basha High School is a closed campus. If students leave campus before 2:14 p.m., they will have to show their school ID indicating they do not have afternoon classes, or a pass that excuses them from school early to security to exit.  
    • Parking permits are not transferable.  They must be used solely by the applicant.  They cannot be sold or given to another student.  Parking permits must be turned in if they are no longer desired.
    • Park at your own risk.  Basha High School is not responsible for vehicular damage, theft, loss of property or expenses/damages from booting.
    • Failure to abide by the parking rules may result in booting your car, disciplinary action and/or revocation of parking privileges with no refund.  



    • The parking fee for the 2024-2025 school year is $80.00. If spaces are still available 2nd semester, the fee will be prorated to $40 beginning January 7, 2025.
    • Lost or stolen parking tags are subject to a replacement fee.  
    • Students who transfer to another school during the year may receive a prorated refund.  Students who forfeit their parking privileges or are withdrawn from school due to infractions of school rules will not receive a refund.


    How to pay through the parent portal:
    Log into parent portal of infinite campus

    If on phone app, click the 3 bars in the top left corner

    Click More – bottom left of screen

    Under Quick Links click InTouch Fee Payments

    This will take you to our online Bookstore.

    Select student you are shopping for.

    There will be a red box indicating that a fee is attached to your student’s account.

    Click view.

    Click pay to add to cart

    Scroll to top to view cart and process payment.




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