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2017 Summer School Options:

Dates: Monday, June 12th  - Friday, June 30th

Breakfast and Lunch included


Courses offered:

English 9, Sem. 1 and 2
English 10, Sem. 1 and 2 & English 11, Sem. 1 and 2
Spanish 1 and 2,  Sem. 1 and 2
Intro to PE Males, Sem. 1 and 2
Intro to PE Females, Sem. 1 and 2
Comprehensive Health, offered both sessions
Algebra 1, Sem. 1 and 2
Geometry, Sem. 1 and 2
Algebra 2, Sem. 1 and 2
Algebra 2A (Juniors only) Sem. 1 and 2
World History and Geography, Sem. 1 and 2
AM/AZ History, FULL Year only 
US Government, offered both sessions
ECONOMICS, offered both sessions
               Music and Technology Camps also offered 

Student MUST meet with their counselor first to receive an approval code for registration.
Classes will also be available through Chandler On Line Academy
 For more information please refer to this  click here  
Student must meet with their counselor  to receive approval