• If you would like to be connected to our class reminder notifications please use the directions below:

    1. Open your texting App

    2. Enter the number: 81010

    3. Text the message that correlates with the hour you have World History:

                 0 Hour: @daniellepl

                 1 Hour: @3dhe3g

                 2 Hour: @e69h9g9

                 3 Hour: @gfdcdg

                 4 Hour: @3dchggd




    *And/or if an email notification works better for you:

                0 Hour: daniellepl@mail.remind.com

                1 Hour: 3dhe3g@mail.remind.com

                2 Hour: e69h9g9@mail.remind.com

                3 Hour: gfdcdg@mail.remind.com

                4 Hour: 3dchggd@mail.remind.com