World History


    World History is a great introduction to High School Social Studies.

    Habits to form now to start High School off right:

    1. Get Organized: You have a binder to help you be successful. We will have lots of papers that are important to keep and important to find. Please check the binder list on the board frequently to make sure you are keeping yourself organized.

    2. Pay attention in class: This one is pretty obvious, but I will not try to trick you when it comes to assessments. If you are going to have to show me that you understand something it WILL be something we have discussed in class.

    3. Take notes in class: We will take notes. Writing down the information will give your brain a better chance to retain the information.

    4. Ask questions in class: If you don't understand something, fix it while you are learning it. Everyone benefits from questions in class. Be an active learner!


    Websites to help you review:




    Come in for tutoring:

    If you are still struggling, I want to help you! Please sign up for tutoring after school.