•   What are the rules for parking on campus?

    1. Students must park between the white lines in their assigned spaces.

    2. Students must have their parking hanger visible at all times. If lost, it must be replaced for $5.

    3. Student vehicles may be searched if reasonable suspicion warrants. Students must cooperate with authorities if access to a vehicle is requested.

    4. Students will lock (secure) vehicles at all times. All students park at their own risk.  Students should not leave personal or school property in vehicles.  Chandler Unified School District is not responsible for any theft, vandalism or damage to any vehicle or personal property inside a vehicle.

    5. Parking violations will be reported to the school security and the administrative staff. Repeat violators may lose their parking permit (no refund), have their car towed/booted, and/or be subject to school discipline.  Students’ vehicles may be ticketed/stickered if not properly registered or parked. Students will pay for towing and storage if a vehicle is towed as a result of administrative or law enforcement actions.

    6. All accidents and vandalism should be reported immediately to the school resource officer or to the Gilbert Police Department.

    7. If someone is parked in your space, notify the parking lot security officer. You will be advised where to park until the situation is resolved.  Do not park in another student’s space.

    8. Freshmen cannot park on campus.

    9. Students may not sell or lend their parking tag to another student. If you wish to return your tag for a refund, please do this in the bookstore.

    10. Students must obey all traffic laws and school rules to include but not limited to:  speed limit (10 miles per hour), control and/or use of vehicle, follow all directions of school employees, no passengers in the back of an open truck bed, no driving over curbs, all trash around your vehicle must be picked up