Recycled Materials Sculptures
    Sculpture III 
    Mixed Media Sculptures
    Sculpture III 

     Piggy Banks with Personality
    Sculpture I

    District Art Show Entries 2015
    This year my students placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the Sculpture category,  AND  won Best of Show 3D!

    Cardboard Relief Word Sculptures- Sculpture I 

    Coil Water Pitchers- Sculpture II

    Sculpture III 
    "Head Cups"- inspired sculptures by visiting artist Jane Kelsey-Mapel
    Altered Book Sculptures 
    Sculpture I students altered a book of their choice based on the major themes in the book.

    Identity Totems- Final exam project, Sculpture II.
    "Recycled Principles"- cardboard sculptures focused on the principles of design. 
     "District Art Show Pieces 2013"

    "District Show Projects 2012"
    "Day of the Dead" Clay Masks
    "Oaxacan Inspired Scultpures"
    -"Recycled Inspiration"
    Students in ART club created this piece using recycled soda and water bottles, marker and spray paint.
    Pinch Pot Animals-Sculpture II
     Wire Figure Sculptures
    Sculpture I project based on the works of Alberto Giacometti
    Architectural Letter Project
    Sulpture I project based on elements of art and principles of design.
    The Castle Project
    Sculpture II slab technique project.
    Outrageous Teapots
    Sculpture II

    Sculpture II students created an installation in the front office based on the work of artists Sandy Skoglund. Each student created a life size rat, then spray painted it.
    Stocking Sculptures
    Sculpture I students created these pieces based on the work of artist Henry Moore.
    Food Sculptures
    Tape Sculptures- Packing tape sculptures  were installed on campus while unsuspecting students and faculty were not looking.

    Wire Sculptures
    Modular Slotted Paper Sculptures