Shawna Marquis

Mrs. Marquis
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    I have taught Theatre since 1999 and joined the Puma Nation in 2009.  We have a strong, active program and are proud that we are the reigning AIA Central Region Champions, an All-State Superior theatre program, and a Gold Honor Troupe. Myself and two of our students serve on the Arizona Thespian State Board and I am the Central Region Director for Arizona Thespians. 


    We normally have two Mainstage Productions, a Competition 1-Act, Senior-Directed One-Acts, The Ben Nelson Comedy Showcase, and multiple PerryWinkle Improv Shows.  This year we will be adventuring into the unknown and will be exploring Live Stream Performances.  Typical years allow us to take fieldtrips to the AZ Thespian Festival, Central Arizona Festival for Theatre, Utah Shakespeare Competition, New York, and the AZ Thespian Leadership Camp.  We will strive to create as many opportunities for our students to learn and grow as we are able!

    We are Troupe #7424 of the International Thespian Society.