• Student Expectations

    Student Expectations

    • Students will be accountable for their own actions 
    • If you are accountable to yourself, you become considerate of others around you in the process and respect flourishes
    • Students will be responsible for their own learning
    • Students will treat others with respect, including themselves
    • Students will show strong character and establish sound goals and work habits
    • Students are expected to come to class on time with necessary materials
    • Students will participate in the learning experience: they will listen during lectures and discussions
    • Students must participate in class on a daily basis: participation includes reading, listening and speaking

    Character Matters

    • Students will act like ladies and gentlemen before, during and after class 
    • Respect others by avoiding derogatory statements; use appropriate language
    • Do not interrupt the speaker and please keep comments until an appropriate time presents itself
    • Turn off cell phones and refrain from texting during class
    •  Make sure to contribute during cooperative learning- do your share at all times
    • Students will be leaders in and outside of this classroom- students represent this class and me to the outside community

    Classroom Etiquette


    • Be on time- tardies illustrate a lack of respect for the class and your teacher
    • Sit in your regular seat. You will choose your seats on the first day, and should there be any problems with behavior, I withhold the right to move you where I deem necessary
    • When you choose your seat, do so in light of any particular needs you may have (e.g.; learning or physical disability)
    • If you should deem it necessary to change seats, let me know and I’ll change the seat for you
    •  Do not write on your desks, do not destroy school property and do not destroy items hanging on the walls
    • Please leave your area clean when you leave class: do not leave wrappers, water bottles or food items near or on your desk

    Assignment/Quiz and Exam Procedure

    • All assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the assigned date
    • Notify me prior to the due date if you are having difficulties completing the assigned work
    • Work completed during class will not be accepted
    •  If you are absent from school and a major project is due: It must be handed in regardless. 
    •  If you leave school early for an appointment, illness or sport, you are responsible for what you have missed during class and homework.
    • It is your responsibility to check this website for missed work or missed notes
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