In this lesson we will introduce the basic skills and knowledge associated with flag football.  By applying these principles through active participation, you will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to play flag football.

    Home Integration:  6 friends + 1 football = FUN and Fitness.  Take mental notes during the football activities in class and take them back to your local park for fun and fitness!  Practice skills, good sporting behavior, and your touchdown celebration dance!
    Wellness Integration:   Football requires high-powered energy for explosive play and game-time endurance.  Watching the big game on Sunday requires the same type of endurance!  Skip the chips and dip and plan a healthful menu of munchies!

    Standards Addressed
    Concept 3:  Complex or Specialized Movement Skills
    Performance Objectives 1-8
    NASPE Standards
    Flag pulling, dodging, moving to open space , aerobic capacity, cooperation, accepting challenges
    Passing, receiving, centering
    Key Terms
    zone defense, line of scrimmage, rushing, off sides, complete/incomplete pass, sack, 2-point/3-point stance, interception
    Basic Skills & Tactics
    Throwing, catching, dodging, offense, defense

    Learning Outcomes:

    Understand basic flag football rules, terminology, and safety concerns.
    Demonstrate the basic flag football skills of passing, three point stance, catching, and blocking.
    Demonstrate the ability to perform team offensive and defensive skills and strategies.
    Understand basic flag football scoring and officiating procedures.


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