• About Our School

    Vision Statement: 
    The Mission of Basha High School is to exemplify BENEVOLENCE, HONOR and SCHOLARSHIP in all endeavors.


    With the arrival of our principal in 2008, the school community felt the need to implement a new mission statement that better reflected the spirit of Basha High School.  What originally began as a lunch conversation at an AP summer institute conference evolved into the mission statement that is firmly embedded in the BHS culture: Benevolence, Honor, Scholarship.  This simple, yet powerful statement is easy for staff and students to remember, yet inspirational enough to produce results. Posted in every room on campus, this vision has become a reality on our campus because everyone understands the meaning of the carefully chosen words and the desired outcome from putting the mission into action.


    Our Goals


    The Basha High School community has identified several goals that intersect with our guiding principle of Benevolence, Honor, and Scholarship.    In keeping with best practices, we ensure that these goals are data-driven and have measurable outcomes that enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts.   At Basha High School, we are committed to these goals for our school community:


    1. Developing an effective support network for all students at Basha High School to ensure that personal needs are met as well as academic requirements: LINK, Peer Mediation, BEAR Team.
    2. Providing multiple opportunities for students to actively engage in the larger school community, no matter how their individual differences may set them apart.
    3. Supporting student, staff, and community initiatives that seek to improve the lives of others.


    1. Pursuing Victory with Honor at all levels and formats of athletic, scholastic, and activity competitions.
    2. Expecting high levels of performance within the entire student population and providing means for students to achieve these expectations.
    3. Celebrating varied student successes throughout the school year with the greater Chandler community.


    1. Enabling all students to participate in honors and Advanced Placement courses: School wide ACT, AP Potential, AVID, accelerated math courses.
    2. Academic support for students at all levels of performance: tutoring sessions, weekend study sessions, test preparation, data driven differentiated instruction, Lift Lab, ECAP preparation.
    Embracing professional growth opportunities and developing a learning community culture among staff at BHS: Writing Across the Curriculum, Content Literacy, Active Engagement Strategies, Advanced PlacementConferences and Seminars, AVID Training.

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