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    Sandra Gorton
    Core Physics
    AP Physics I
    Core Chemistry
    I moved to Arizona from Ohio in the 90's and attended Arizona State University where I graduated with a BAE and MNS in Physics. I worked for Tempe Union from 2001- 2013, teaching math, physics and chemistry, then transferred to Chandler Unified district in 2013. I teach using the Modeling Method of Physics and a combination of modeling and lecture based chemistry so that students get a hands-on discovery approach to learning in order to build content knowledge and critical thinking skills. I am looking forward to teaching Core Physics and Core Chemisty this year and hope to see continued growth in the our STEM fields.
    Since the discovery of COVID-19 the school experience has changed. At this time, online learning is the safest way to continue education. Although it is not the preferred method for teaching or learning for most of us, we will do the best we can. I have found a variety of online activities and virtual labs that will simulate the activities we would do in class. I also have a variety of pictures from previous years experiments to help visualize the process and facilitate the learning experience. We will be using the Goolgle classroom as a platform throughout the year, whether we are in person or online. I will also be requiring a virtual notebook that will be maintained through Microsoft 365 to which all students and staff have access. The following links will direct you to the pages or sites frequently used.
    Remind is the platfor on which I will be sending out class reminders. It is the quickest way to contact me as it appears in a nontracable text on my phone. The Remind messages will also show up on the bottom of this and the Calendar page. Follow the links below to join the class or send a text to: 81010 message: @gortonphys OR @gortonchem
    This year we will use an online text as a supplement to the Core Physics course.  Click the following link Physics Textbook
    This year we will use an online text as a supplement to the Core Chemistry course. Click the following link Chemistry Textbook
    In addition to the on-line textbook, the website  The Physics Classroom is a useful tool for Physics tutorials, practice questions and multimedia examples of the concepts.
    Please help the Science department and Perry High School by sending in your tax credit donation.Tax Credit Form  Thank you.
    Please feel free to contact me either by email Sandra Gorton or leave a message at (480) 224-2980.