• Dont walk dance  

    Hello Pumas!

    Welcome to dance class with Mrs. Sadler. Dance is a class that not only requires hard work, but also trust, energy, compassion and creativity. I believe my job is to teach the fundamentals of different dance genres, but I also want you to gain an appreciation, if not passion for dance. A positive classroom atmosphere is vital and I expect you to help promote the encouraging mojo. I lead by example all day, every day and if I can do it a bazillion times then you can certainly do it for one class period. Laziness is for vegging out on the couch, not my class. So expect to be pushed to strive for excellence.


    Listed below are some random tidbits about myself. Over the course of the year(s) I look forward to learning more about you!

    10 Things to Know About Mrs. Sadler

    1. She is a proud Arizona Native and went to Dobson High School in Mesa
    2. She graduated from Arizona State with a B.F.A in Dance Education
    3. She started teaching in local dance studios when she was in college
    4. She earned a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Arizona University
    5. She danced professionally with Desert Dance Theatre and The Parking Lot Project
    6. She has taken 30+ hours of graduate work in School Counseling
    7. She has been teaching in Chandler Unified School District since 2000
    8. She doesn’t watch TV…okay every once in a while, but it is rare
    9. She was a tomboy and would fight with her mom about wearing dresses
    10. She played both softball and soccer for 7+years, but quit after 10th grade to pursue more dance

    After years of having Mrs. Sadler here are 10 Things You’ll Discover (per Allie Patberg & Madi Lawler)

    1. She has 2 super cute boys and loves being a BOY mom :).
    2. She enjoys traveling and loves visiting her Dad and sisters in Canada
    3. She’s half Mexican and has an extremely big family
    4. She loves to be outdoors hiking, biking, walking, etc. just no running… ever!
    5. She is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan and was in love with Joe Montana as a kid
    6. She has a celebrity crush on  Henry Cavill and Adam Levine
    7. Her favorite style of dance to choreograph is contemporary/lyrical
    8. She is vertically challenged compared to her 6’7” brother
    9. She loves taking Yoga, Zumba, and Pilates classes
    10. She now drinks coffee, but still prefers a Trenta Green Tea with no classic please!