• Google classroom will be used for dance journals and possibly other assignments during the year. Please find your class code below:
    Per. 1: 5iu3peh
    Per. 3: xa4v221
    Per. 4: f70tqzs (zero, not letter O)
    Remind is a communication tool I use to send text (SMS) reminders and tips to students and parents throughout the school year. All phone numbers remain invisible to me, all students, and their parents, protecting everyone's safety and privacy. An email option is also available in the instructions.
    • Average of 1 message/week, possibly higher during Concert preparations
    • Content limited to class-related reminders, due dates, and rehearsal schedules
    • Occasional "bonus material" could be sent as incentive to participate
    • If you are a verizon customer, please use the Remind App. See here for more info.
    Be sure to sign up using the correct class period link below:
    Turnitin.com is a web-based service that many PHS teachers use for students to upload their written assignments. This is the method by which you will turn in make-up work assignments and your concert critique. All students enrolled in an English class have already set up an account. Please add this class to your existing account, do not create a new account just for this class.
    Beginning Dance Class Periods 1-4
    Class ID: 19498517 Password: murrdance