• Food Handler Certificate

    Our culinary classrooms are also kitchens where students will be able to prepare and consume food.  The kitchens are inspected by the county health inspector to make sure proper food safety and sanitation practices are being followed.  For these reasons it is very important for the students to have their food handler certificate.  (Food handler card not required only the passing certificate.)
    Students will be able to take the food handler class and test online. Once they pass the test, they need to upload the passing certificate on a Google Classroom Form(which I will assign and explain on Google Classroom), so I can keep a copy for our records.  Please keep a printed copy for yourself too.  Deadline for this is August 31, 2020.  
    Click on this website and you will be directed to several online schools where you can take the class and the test. Online class should be no more than $10.00.  Also please make sure you take the test for Maricopa County or Arizona.
    I will discuss this information further in depth with students once school starts.  
    Please email me if you have any questions:  albornoz.yvette@cusd80.com

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