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    Advance Placement World History: Modern (APWHM)
    The AP College Board changed the curriculum of this class for the 2019-2020 school year.  Formerly AP World History, our study included ancient times dating back to 10,000 B.C.E. (Before the Common Era).  Since the change, AP World History: Modern (APWHM) begins at 1200 C.E. (Common Era).  This course studies world history from that date through the present.  In APWHM students will discover a greater understanding of the evolution of global processes and contacts, including interactions over time.  The course highlights the nature of changes in international frameworks and their causes and consequences, as well as comparisons among major religions and societies.


    Perry High School Mission Statement

    Every student will graduate from Perry High School with
    a foundation of knowledge and skills for future success.



    Classroom Policies and Procedures:


    • Follow all classroom/school rules.
    • Show up to class on time and prepared: complete all homework, read all assignments, and have proper materials needed for class.
    • Be respectful of others’ opinions: You do not have to agree with your peers, but you must show respect towards your classmates at all times.
    • Personal electronic devices are not allowed to be used/seen in class (ex: cell phones, music players, etc.), unless being used for a class project. Instructor determines the consequences.
    • No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in class except for water.
    • No hats or hoods can be worn indoors.
    • Do not write in/on books or desks.
    • Dress code to be enforced. (see Perry Pumas handbook)





    • The length of assignments will vary daily, but the students should expect homework on a regular basis and may consist of text book reading, supplementary (internet) sources, and work sheets.
    • Students will be assessed through the use of quizzes, unit tests, essays, discussions, and projects.


    • Each student will be required to participate on a daily basis in class discussions. In order to do this, you must be present and punctual. Participation is a means to validate one’s ideas, learn from others, and practice the articulation of ideas.



    • Semester grades will be computed as follows: Quarter 1 = 40%, Quarter 2 = 40% and the final exam will count towards 20% of the students’ semester grade.
    • 100-90% = A   89-80% = B     79-70% = C     69-60% = D     59% and below = F


    Late work/Absent Work:

    • If you are absent the day an assignment is given, you will have the same amount of days to complete the assignment as the rest of the class. You will hand in the assignment on your own accord or it will be a zero; I will not ask for it. If you decide to turn an assignment in late, the 1st day it will count for a maximum of 50%, after that it will be counted as a zero.
    • If you are absent from a quiz or test, you are responsible for coming to me and setting up a make-up date within one week of the assessment. If you fail to do this, you earn a zero on the assessment. It is your responsibility to come to me. All make ups must be completed before or after school. Make-up exams cannot be taken during class.
    • If you are having trouble at home, if you are unable to complete an assignment due to technical issues, or if you are struggling to stay ahead in school for any particular reason, please talk to me. I will always be an open ear, but you must express your concerns or your grades will suffer because of it. I will do what I can to work with you and assist you in any way that I deem fair.


    * Teacher reserves the right to modify syllabus as needed.


    General Note: It will be your responsibility to take charge of your own learning and rely less on others to do it for you.  
    Make every effort to follow directions and to complete all work as assigned, on the date due.

    All students are expected to take a risk and try to do their best in order to learn their place in the world and how they can make a difference in the lives of others by applying their knowledge and skills to their future careers.


    Required supplies: For all History students at Perry HS.

    1 - One-inch binder or Spiral notebook

    1 – (Optional) Computer Flash (Thumb) Drive for saving work between school and home.

    Misc. - Pencils and loose-leaf paper for the year.




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