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    I grew up in Gilbert, Arizona, and a proud graduate of Gilbert High School. I was awarded a Softball and Volleyball scholarship to Glendale Community College, then earned another softball scholarship to Western New Mexico University. While at Western New Mexico I earned a B.A. in Special Education and in Elementary Education. After graduating I spent two years teaching in Cincinnati, Ohio until my husband and I moved back to Gilbert. I taught one year at Gilbert High School before moving on to Queen Creek High School where I became the head varsity softball coach and taught in a self-contained program for emotionally disturbed students for nine years. I enjoy spending time with my husband and watching our two boys, Weston and Jake play baseball.

    Course Description

    The course that I am teaching is Algebra1. Students will be writing, solving, and graphing linear and quadratic equations, including systems of two linear equations in two unknowns. Quadratic equations are solved by factoring, completing the square, graphically, or by application of the quadratic formula. The course also includes study of monomial and polynomial expressions, inequalities, exponents, functions, rational expressions, ratio, and proportion. Algebraic skills are applied in a wide variety of problem-solving situations.


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