•  academics "Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced  everyday."

                                                                                        - Jim Rohn 


  • Preparation: 

    Where do I begin?
    •  Organization. Keep materials (notes, quizzes, homework)
    • Budget your time. Don't expect to do it all in one night!
    • Focus on what you don't know
    • Modes of study
      • Flashcards
      • Study groups
      • Read aloud
      • Teach someone how to do it.
    • Attend tutoring


  • Testing:

    How do I succeed? 
    • Dumping. Make note of concepts you may forget:
      • Vocabulary
      • Formulas
    • Survey the test - This will help budget your time
    • Complete easiest problems first
    • Eliminate multiple choice answers
    • Review answers - Don't second guess yourself


  • Follow Up:

    What now?
    • Review test for grading mistakes.
    • Review test - Understand the mistake you made.
    • Take notes on what teacher wanted as test is reviewed.
      • Review those notes for future tests.
    • Save the test/ notes for future tests.