• Perry High School

    Welcome to Algebra 2


    Instructor: Ryan Keating

    Contact information: Email- keating.ryan@cusd80.com   (best way to get a hold of me)

                                      Phone: 480-224-2926


    Course Description: Algebra 2 is an advanced algebra course that is also a blend of geometry, data analysis, discrete mathematics, and statistics. Students will approach each new concept and challenge with mathematical tools that support their particular learning strengths- algebraic, numerical, graphical, or verbal.  They will have sample experiences with pencil-and-paper, mental math and technology-assisted calculations.  The curriculum has been written and organized to incorporate appropriate uses of technology, especially graphing calculators, allowing students to model more closely the way mathematics is applied in the real world. Course is conducted as a Resource Math course.


    Textbook: Big Ideas Math Algebra 2 A common Core Curriculum, By Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell


    Classroom Expectations:

    ·          To attend class regularly and use class-time wisely

    ·          To be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings

    ·          To be prepared for class

    ·          To have a positive attitude

    ·          To remain in your seat until you are dismissed

    ·          To be respectful to yourself, your peers, and you instructor

    ·          All policies and rules as outlined in the student planner

    ·         The cheating policy as outlined in the handbook will be strictly enforced



    Late work will be accepted for full credit, if turned in within one week of being assigned. If a student is absent on a test day, he/she will need to make arrangements to take the test ASAP.  


    Tardy Policy: Per Student Handbook 


    Daily Required Materials:

    ·         Notebook paper

    ·         Homework – due at beginning of class. (If homework was assigned the prior day.)

    ·         Pencils (all homework and assessments must be done in pencil)

    ·         3-ring binder/notebook

    ·         A graphing calculator (Please let me know if this is an issue)


    Graphing Calculators

    § Learning and using a graphing calculator is part of the Alg 2 curriculum so it’s vital that your student has one.

    § The TI-83 or TI-84 is the recommended brand

    § Where to get them:

    § Walmart, Staples, Office Max etc… (Many stores have them on sale at the beginning of the school year.)




    Tutoring: Please see teacher set up a time for extra help. Remember you are responsible for your own learning; if you do not understand ASK, come to tutoring.


    Grades and Assignments:

    ·         Grades are cumulative; your final grades are the semester grades in December and May, we do not start over in October and March.

    ·         Your assignments need to have the following:

    ·         Your name and date

    ·         Period number

    ·         Original problem written down

    ·         The problem needs to be worked out

    ·         The answer needs to be boxed in or highlighted


    ·         Final exam is worth 20% of your final semester grade


    ·         Cumulative grade is worth 80% of your final semester grade


    Grading scale:

    90% -100% = A     80%-89% = B     70%-79% = C     60%-69% = D    59 and below = F


    Electronic Devices: To be used at the teacher’s discretion.  All devices should be out of sight, unless approved by staff. If device usage is abused, the device will be confiscated and can be picked up in the office at the end of the day.



    ·         Come to class prepared each day.

    ·         Take detailed notes.

    ·         Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to fail or not know.

    ·         Do your homework every day and correct mistakes.

    ·         Talk to your teacher about any concerns you have.

    ·         DO NOT throw away any of your math papers. You will find these to be useful throughout the year.

    ·         Communication is the key to success in this class.

    ·         It is the student’s responsibility to check Infinite Campus weekly to see what his/her grade is.

    This syllabus is subject to change at any time during the year as unforeseen issues arise or other human errors are encountered.














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