*"What to do if absent?"
    1. Read the online calendar.  
    2. Check folder for handouts.
    3. Please read the following options to retrieve absent work:
        ~come see Ms. Cullen BEFORE or AFTER school OR 
        ~email Ms. Cullen regarding questions/clarification on absent classwork OR
        ~call a classmate. 
    4. I am not available in between classes to discuss absent work as classes are back-to-back, and there unfortunately is not enough time to go over material thoroughly. 
    5. Folders available on student table for handouts. 
    6. It is the student's responsibility to retrieve make up work and/or to schedule times to make up tests within the acceptable time frame.
    *Absent & Late Work Policy: 
    1. # days allowed to make up work for full credit = # days of missed (excused absence/tardy) (Per Perry Handbook)
    2. Make-up/Absent work updated in Infinite Campus every Friday.
    3. In-class work may be made-up for late credit, but late homework is only accepted up to 1 day late for 1/2 credit per syllabus.
    4. LAST DAY for any in-class make up work is Friday Dec 7...NO EXCEPTIONS.
    AMERICAN GOV'T: Open Meeting Assignment
    Due: Friday Dec 6th
     *Restroom Policy:
    1. Use the restroom before class.
    2. Students may use the restroom once work is completed (for the most part) and/or toward the end of class to avoid class disruption and to be courteous to those still working. 
    3. If tardy to class, regardless, an attendance pass is required per Perry Handbook. If tardy due to restroom, a bathroom pass is required to use. 
    *Lift Lab/Tutoring:
    1. Mon and Wed I am availbale after school to complete make up work and/or tutoring in lift lab F116 from 2:30-4:15...(subject to change depending on meetings and such- will notify).
    2. Peer tutoring for extra credit is available. Please come see me if interested. 
    *Classroom etiquette:
    1. All opinions will be respected and also shared respectfully. No personal attacks or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. 
     2. All phones are to be away, whether in a purse or back pack. Phones are to be turned off. 
    Ms. Cullen will notify the class if and when phones are able to be used and/or be out. Otherwise, any phone sitting on a student's desk as a distraction to the learning environment will be turned into the office per Perry Handbook. Please understand such distraction at times is not conducive to fostering a focused-learning environment, for both teacher and classmates. 
    3. Please do not approach Ms. Cullen during class time to discuss grades. For academic confidentiality and time allowance, grades are to be discussed before and/or after school. If a student wishes to reach Ms. Cullen via email for grade/assignmnet inquiry, that is definitely ok as well. 
    4. Please avoid talking about other students and/or teachers in class. Please discuss any questions and/or concerns outside of class time. 
    Please take the time to read the announcements, and please do not hesitate to ask any questions if any. Thank you!
     Let's have a great rest of the semester!
    -Ms. Cullen