·         Attend school daily:

    o   -Be on time to school and each class

    ·         Be prepared daily:

    o   -Eat breakfast

    o   -Get a good night sleep

    o   -Make sure all needed materials are in backpack

    ·         Maintain good study habits:

    o   -Fill out agenda daily for each class

    o   -Complete and turn in assignments & homework

    o   -Set up a consistent homework routine (same time/place)

    o   -Study for tests

                              (review notes, flash cards, have someone test you)

    o   -Don’t forget to check in with your teachers when you are absent. It is easy to fall behind it you don’t stay on top of it!

    ·         Organization Options:

    o   -Binder with tabs and folders for each class

    o   -Accordion folder with sections for each class

    o   -Separate homework folder

    o   **Find a system that works best for you

    o   -Remember to clean out your    binder/folders/backpack at least once a week

    ·         Advocate for yourself:

    o   -Talk to your teachers

    o   -Email teachers with questions or concerns

    ·         Grades/Progress:

    o   -Check Infinite Campus at least once a week

    o   -Attend tutoring when needed


    ·         Visit your counselor for guidance in any of these areas.

    ·         We are always here to support you!!


    Parent Connections
    Keep up to date with your child's grades by signing up for and viewing grades/assignments on Infinite Campus: