• school bus The following information is intended to help parents understand district-provided transportation procedures as they are implemented here at Santan JHS. For more information, feel free to contact our Transportation Department at (480) 424-8600.

    Student Identification

    It is a CUSD transportation safety policy that all students show a Santan Student ID card when boarding a bus after school. If your student has forgotten or lost a school ID, they may obtain a temporary bus pass in the front office prior to 3:30 pm. ID replacements are $5.00 each and can be obtained in the CARE room on campus prior to 3:30pm. Excessive bus pass requests may result in lunch detention.

    Student Expectations

    • Obey the driver at all times.
    • Be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.
    • No eating, drinking (except water in plastic bottles), smoking, chewing gum or spitting inside the bus.
    • Keep your hands, head, arms and all objects inside the bus at all times.
    • Keep the bus clean and free of damage.

    Items carried by students (i.e., band instruments, athletic equipment, backpacks, etc.) must be under their control at all times, and must be carried on their lap, between seats or properly secured in a vacant seat. Instruments cannot occupy needed seating space or placed in the stepwell.

    State Law prohibits the following items on school buses:

    • glass items
    • balloons
    • skateboards
    • scooters
    • roller blades
    • legally prohibited substances
    • weapons
    • animals
    • insects or reptiles

    Please see the CUSD Safe Student Transportation Expected Student Behavior document for more detailed information.

    Changing a Bus Route

    Please contact the school registrar (480) 883-4631 to change an address. Proof of residency (rental/purchase agreement or utility bill) must be provided prior to the address change being made. It will then take 24 hours for a bus reassignment.

    Please note that students are not allowed to ride another bus unless there has been an official change of a bus route, no exceptions.